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    Protect your teams, their machines & your critical data from all types of malware

    EPP, EDR & SIEM combined

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    Next Generation Endpoint Protection

    Non-IT Executives

    Fortify your data, your business and your brand against cyber attacks

    Free your teams to work securely anywhere, on any workstation

    IT Executives

    Enforce compliance, reduce your risk and trim insurance costs

    Gartner top performers used exclusively in our proven solution, with built in warranty

    Tech Professionals

    Secure your endpoints against all threats with multi-layer defence

    NGEP, NGAV, ActiveEDR and SIEM combined: machine speed visibility, detection & response

    Fortinet, Rapid7 and SentinelOne Combined to suit your business

    Comprehensive endpoint security solution that delivers minimised risk and maximum returns

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    FortiClient from Fortinet

      NSS Labs test: 100% malware blocked
      Compliance control
      Vulnerability management
      Pattern-based anti-malware
      Behaviour-based exploit protection
      Web filtering & application firewall
      Zero-day & custom malware detection
      Built-in VPN, SSO & 2FA

    InsightIDR from Rapid7

      Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for SIEM
      User & attacker behaviour analytics
      Contextualises data for defensive action
      Endpoint detection & visibility
      Detects common & targeted attacks
      Activity reported to compliance auditors
      Backed by Rapid7's SOC detections
      Community threat intel sharing

    SentinelOne Control

      Ransomware warranty included
      Machine speed threat detection & response
      Autonomous, AI cyber security
      Policy-driven response capabilities
      Unified prevention, detection & remediation
      Deep visibility into endpoint environment
      Full context, real-time forensics

    Respected, proven & insured for success

    Only the best: Fortinet, Rapid7 & SentinelOne all top 10% performers in Gartner reviewsPlus they come with further accolades and assurances of excellence

    FortiClient blocked 100% of exploits, unknown threats and HTTP malware in NSS Labs advanced endpoint test, with zero false positives


    Rapid7 threat detection & response solution is recognised by Gartner as a 2020 leader for Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

    Rapid7 leaders GMQ

    SentinelOne will pay ransomware damages capped at $1,000 per endpoint affected by a breach, and further capped at $1,000,000 (T&Cs apply)


    Watch SentinelOne defeat Maze Ransomware in 2 minutes

    "5/5 ... Great endpoint security."

    FortiClient review on Capterra : IT Manager, Fashion Business

    "Truly a gem, this is an advanced threat protection software that gives you all the details on what? when? why? where? and can restore your system back to its original state."

    SentinelOne EPP review on Capterra : Business Process Manager

    "Its algorithms are so finely tuned that it can really detect all types of intruders and also can be very useful to automate the security workflow of services in your system. It is considered as the best platform for securing your application from all types of attackers."

    InsightIDR review on G2 Crowd : Cloud Security Engineer

    Secure mobile workforce solution

    Free your teams to work securely from anywhere

    Your mobile workforce should be your greatest asset, but people can also present your greatest risk.

    350,000 new pieces of malware are being unleashed every day*, mainly via links in legitimate-looking emails. *Source: AV-Test
    Traditional methods no longer provide adequate protection for your brand, your people and your data.
    Highly targeted scams are commonplace and your end user provides the most likely point of entry for attackers.
    The answer? An endpoint security solution that gives you:
    Protection against all ransomware and malware threats
    Machine speed identification and removal
    Secure remote access and authentication


    Cyber security built for compliance

    Reduce risk and insurance cost with our Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders

    advanced cyber threat protection diagram

    Cybercrime reports to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) have increased 400% since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, with ransomware attacks among the most prevalent.

    In 2017, WannaCry afflicted over 200,000 computers across 150 countries. Costs to date are an estimated $8 billion. Cybersecurity insurance may offer some assurance but, as in the 2011 $2 billion Sony data breach, expensive policies may not cover third-party hacking incidents.
    In addition to the inevitable financial burden of a data breach or ransomware attack, the damage to reputation can be insurmountable. And with 88% of breaches caused by human error, the end user is the most vulnerable entry point for attackers.
    The answer? An endpoint security solution that gives you:
    Unbeatable insights into malicious behaviour for evolving defence intel
    99.9% of automated cyber attacks blocked through better access control
     Ransomware damages paid up to $1 million in the event of a breach

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    ITHQ Next Generation Endpoint Protection solution features

    Multiple layers of NGEP, NGAV, ActiveEDR and SIEM defend your endpoints against every known cyber threat

    Our combined solution using advanced tools from Fortinet, SentinelOne and Rapid7, delivers exceptional protection against the 350k new pieces of malware released every day*
    Source: AV-Test


    Multiple strategies protect systems from malicious software


    Protection against APTs exploiting zero-day unpatched vulnerabilities

      Endpoint visibility

    Real-time visibility for a comprehensive view of endpoint infrastructure

      Compliance enforcement

    Create and enforce compliance for security and application control policies

      Vulnerability management

    Prioritise OS and software vulnerabilities with flexible patching options

      Cloud visibility

    Link cloud activity to user behaviour for a unique view into data flow

      Application inventory

    Improves security hygiene and visibility of installed software


    Two-factor authentication, always-on, auto-connect and more

      Sandbox integration

    Submits files to sandbox for real-time, deep inspection of zero-day threats

      Web filtering

    Monitors all web browser activities to enforce security and usage policy

      Application firewall

    Monitor, allow, or block application traffic by categories

      Endpoint firewall

    Control inbound / outbound traffic and maintain compliance

      Host quarantine

    Automates policy-based response when triggered by security events

      Activity logging

    Keep records of each user application and asset activity

      User & endpoint analytics

    Monitor user and endpoint activity to reliably detect attackers

      Threat feed

    Identify unknown threats using data from enterprise malware analysis communities


    Auto-isolate, auto-immunise endpoints or rollback to pre-infected state

      File integrity monitoring

    Compare OS and application software files to trusted baseline for integrity verification and tamper detection


    See where threats originate and what they attempted to do

    Next Generation Endpoint Protection Solution Datasheet

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