Exceptional Email Security

Protect your business and your people

Libraesva's proprietary Adaptive Trust Engine and Integrated Email Security solutions protect business communications by blocking threats, preventing fraud, archiving mail and educating your teams to be more vigilant

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Never worry about email security threats again

Four exceptional tools combined to protect your business, your people and your data from every type of email attack

Advanced security for cloud-based email platforms. Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are safe behind walls of protection, both at the Gateway and API layers. Email threats such as phishing attacks, fraud and BEC are stopped before reaching their target.

Unmatched Email Protection


Next-Generation Email Archiving


Phishing Awareness Made Easy


Complete DMARC Protection


Libraesva email security provides multiple layers of protection

Spoofing Protection

Identify & block imposters & prevent others spoofing you


Threat Analysis Portal

All-in-one TAP dashboard shows attacks & trend data

Threat Remediation

Suspected threats are quickly removed & retracted

Malicious File Defence

Zero-day malware stopped, user risk lowered to near-zero

Malicious URL Defence

Time-of-click spoof URL detection & protection

Email Encryption

Only intended parties can decrypt your mails

Impersonation Defence

Stop whaling, CEO fraud, BEC & impersonation attacks

Miscellaneous 170 Expended

Email Continuity

Read, compose & reply to email during downtime

Fast Threat Response

Easy SIEM integration for complete visibility

Mobile Security App

Easily manage emails plus quarantine remotely

Clarke Transport: easy-to-use email security, better insights, zero disruption

Libraesva Email Security has been the ideal solution for our organisation and infrastructure. It was quick and simple to implement and it has become something I use daily within my security checks. It was also very straightforward to get the rest of the team up to speed with the solution due to the ease of use andsimplicity of the dashboard. The support we’ve had implementing this from Michael and Pete of Libraesva’s Team has been great, with quick and easy to understand solutions for the questions we had.

James Hall, Cyber Security Analyst, Clarke Transport

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Complete Email Security Solution

Every email scanned against all attack types: cyber, phishing, compromised accounts, malware, next-gen spam & more

Libraesva filters all internal emails as well as inbound and outbound email traffic to protect organisations from email-borne threats and data leaks. It provides both spam filtering and spam protection against advanced threats like phishing, malspam, business email compromise, and account takeover.
We block over 99.9% of phishing and malspam attacks, the highest level of protection at a far lower cost than Microsoft or Google native solutions.
Libraesva filters email at both the Gateway and API layers. Only one subscription is necessary to handle all email threats.
Additional features include machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect threats in malicious emails, account takeover protection, and deep URL scanning. Our Threat Intelligence Engine aims to detect threats and secure emails. The Adaptive Trust Engine tracks all history between senders and recipients for fail-proof threat detection.

Adaptive Trust Engine


Dynamically tracks sender-recipient relationships to measure trust & improve threat detection.

URLSAND Protection


Time-of-click protection against bad URLs. Scans all links for suspicious activity or unsafe sites.

QUICKSAND Protection


Stops never-before-seen malware; lowers user risk to effectively zero. Attachments & URLs sanitized.


Next-Generation Email Archiver

Protect business critical information, simplify compliance & improve employee efficiency

Libraesva Email Archiver efficiently addresses email governance, risk, and compliance needs. It quickly sets up and creates exact copies of all emails in a centralized archive, ensuring data security and availability over long periods.
Regardless of your email server (cloud-based or on-premise), Libraesva seamlessly integrates and natively integrates with Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange. With its exclusive Outlook Add-In, available for both Windows and Mac, users maintain easy access to their archived emails.
Regulatory compliance is made easy with quick, complex and detailed searches, data privacy and certified time-stamping of each delivered mail (RFC3161), and AES 256 bit encryption. Over 80 distinct permissions allow the creation of granular roles for better privacy officer management.

On-premise or cloud version


Virtual appliance or private cloud service

Microsoft native integrations

Native mailbox connectors for Office 365 & Exchange

GDPR compliant

Outstanding privacy management

Outlook add-in

Seamless access to all archived Outlook emails

Multiple storage support

Variety of storages supported

Folder structure reproduction

Archived mailbox structure or PST files applied

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Phishing works because scammers leverage the human factor. People don't pay sufficient attention to seemingly legitimate requests and erroneously share sensitive data.
25% of employees click too quickly on email links. 50% of those go on to submit information in web forms.
Average cost of a breach is over $130,000. This can reach into the millions, causing many companie to go out of business

Phishing awareness - the easy way

Empower your teams, reduce risk of phishing & smishing attacks

Libraesva PhishBrain analyzes behaviours across your employees and organisation, creating ongoing profiles to determine individual phishing risk profiles.
The human factor is the weakest link in any company's security posture. Staff are easily caught off guard during busy workdays and too easily click a nefarious link. PhishBrain identifies your highest risk employees and monitors their progress to awareness, as your organisation become truly security conscious.

    Real-time reporting on phishing campaign stats & high-risk staff
    Schedule phishing emails all at once or over a period of time
    Training schedule ensures employees are tested regularly
    Seamless integration: Office 365, Google Workspace & other LDAP servers
    Create templates by submitting emails & websites to convert
    Flexible licensing by number of mailboxes or email sends
    Smishing (SMS) training helps users recognise unusual outgoing texts

SaaS based

Securely hosted in the cloud, reducing burden on IT

Office 365 and GSuite native integration

Native mailbox connectors for Office 365 and Google

User friendly

Easy-to-configure phishing simulation campaigns

Bring your brand

brandable interface and fully customizable templates


Better understand your most vulnerable employees

    Recognise valid senders and uncover unauthorised use of your brand
    Enforce policy to tell ISPs to reject or junk failing messages
    Prevent cyber criminals spoofing your domain and commiting fraud

Take control of your email reputation

Protect your brand with DMARC, an email authentication protocol that protects your domain from spoofing and other email fraud

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) setup is incredibily easy with Libraesva. Your brand will be protected immediately and you receive instant insights into your email flows so you can take full control of your domain.
DMARC allows a sender's email infrastructure to indicate that its messages are protected by SPF (Sender Protection Framework) and / or DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail). This tells the receiver that your message is not junk.
Without DMARC, spoofers can steal personally identifable information (PII) by sending emails that appear to originate from your domain, simply by falsifying the header "from" address.

    Prevent disclosure of your sending sources and reduce attack surface
    Enhance your sender reputation by blocking unauthorised sources
    Guided configuration makes DMARC protection effortless

Domain security

Reduce email-based fraud by blocking spoof emails


Increase deliverability rates for genuine traffic

Brand reputation protection

Prevent imposters misusing your email domain


Macros allow you to overcome 10 SPF record limit


Manage DMARC, DKIM &SPF policies with zero expertise

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