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We help businesses achieve operational and technological resilience, using strategy-led solutions.
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Regardless of your business specifics, you need to feel confident in your resilience. Technological and operation resilience encompasses a strong, scalable infrastructure, cyber resilience and productive, collaborative teams.
We work with organisations across public and private sectors, helping them achieve results that drive growth while ensuring they are prepared against advanced cyber attacks, including tomorrow's unknowns.

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Deep expertise

Success begins with clarity of vision. We create strategies aligned to audited needs, mapped to critical controls, that use benchmarked solutions.
Based on three-year cycles, spend is always under control and evolution ongoing for maximum returns.

  • Achieving cyber resilience requires the right mix of people, process and technology. We work with your teams to implement processes and solutions that are proven to drive the results you need. We assess our solutions every year, making sure the technology we offer is always of the highest standard, with evidence to support our assessment.

  • The architecture of our hybrid cloud infrastructure strategies and solutions ensures security by design, agility and resilience. Forecast spending and growth is always within your control, allowing expansion with no negative impact to operations or performance.

How we work: Solving for the Customer

03 We stand by our solutions and write accountability into our contracts to give you the best experience

Devising the best solutions for you

Solve for the customer: we live by this tenet. Bring us your challenges and we will deliver you the best possible solutions, starting with strategy.

Any risks are ours, not yours

We sign long-term contracts with our vendors so you don't have to. You get all the benefits and no risk, because we solve for our customers.

Standing by what we deliver to you

From consultation to ongoing delivery, ITHQ accountability is written into our contracts. As your resilience partner, we stand by everything we do.

Expert support as standard

Our partners all provide expert support for their specific technologies. We also provide strategic and technical support as requested.

“ITHQ became our cyber resilience partners following a serious breach. Thanks to ITHQ’s strategic approach, we are now confident that we have everything in place to protect us from another attack.
We have addressed our entire operational resilience ...it is an ongoing process and ITHQ is absolutely our partner of choice. I trust them completely.”

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How we work: approach

01 Determine best approach based on your current status, objectives and practicalities.


Without strong foundations, you won't see the results you need. Before we recommend any advanced solutions to you, we make sure you have a solid baseline in place on which we can build strategies for success.


If we're confident your strategies are working as planned, with solutions in place mapped to critical controls, we can look at areas to accelerate and optimise. Data leads the way, ensuring spend is always controlled.


Your strategies are established and evolving, your solutions optimised and proven by measured results. As your growth dictates, we develop or advance your solutions to drive and support your ongoing transformation.

How we work: process

02 FIRE is our proven process applied to every project to maximise results


Starting with a full assessment and gap analysis, we plan the best strategy and solutions for you.

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