Network Assurance& Automation

Unique solution, only available from ITHQ

Get 100% visibility of everything on your networks and easily manage configuration, vulnerability patching, maintenance and more


Don't leave network resilience to chance

Understand your network from end to end, keep everything up to date and remain compliant as you scale

Network Assurance & Automation brings together two exceptional technologies to deliver a solution that allows you to see and fix everything on your network more simply and effectively.
IP Fabric delivers continuous validation of your multi-vendor, multi-domain network state. It is intuitively visualised, automatically documented and easily shared, empowering your automation with always up-to-date insights.

BackBox allows you to keep track of all your network assets. In real-time granular reports, you will see devices types, serial numbers, licenses, versions and more. It automatically pulls in network asset information with every backup.
Your teams will be able to schedule automated backup and storage of device configurations, single-click recovery, real-time invetory management, custom task automation and pre-emptive health checks for all critical devices.


Discover everything on your network, troubleshoot & validate

Gain visibility into every corner of your network


Inventory devices, licenses, behaviours and more

Real-time reporting keeps you up to date with all activity


Ensure compliance easily, with policy-driven automation

Maintain a healthy network more efficiently

How IP Fabric and BackBox combined deliver powerful Network Assurance & Automation

This combination solution allows you to discover more than 3000 devices per hour and supports up to 20,000 managed devices in a single virtual applicance, offering scalability for the largest networks. Powerful automation delivers a library of over 2,300 pre-built automations and a scripting-free way to build new ones.

Eliminate manual updates

Updates automatically every time you make a change to your network

Model topology & behaviour

Easily grasp the end-to-end topology and behaviour of devices on your network

Interactive visualisation

Actionable insights delivered at lightning speed, showing you the true state of your network

Automate critical tasks

Over 3,000 pre-built automations plus a no-code way to build new ones

Manage multiple complex networks

Shared, auditable, scalable infrastructures can be managed simply with this multitenant solution

Unrestricted architecture

Connect to devices directly or through an agent, with on-premise, cloud and as-a-service options

Discover, model, verify, visualise

Four automated processes lay the foundation for network assurance

IP Fabric Network Assurance delivers actionable insight into the state of your network and provides evidence that your business is receiving the service levels it requires.
At lightning speed, you will have four key questions answered:
● What is on my network?● How can I model my network?● Is my network behaving as intended?● How do I see and analyse what's on my network?
This platform automates discovery and documentation that knocks out 90% of the manual work needed to even begin an automation project. IP Fabric then continuously validates that your automation workflows align with your intent.


Inventory devices, licenses, behaviours and more

Experience multitenant enabled, role-based network automation

BackBox automates thousands of tasks including backups, OS upgrades, vulnerability patching, config drift and remediation and maintains the device details inventory.
Backups are verified at creation and before restoring, with specific checks for file corruption and integrity, zero-byte backup and file size deviation.
Organisations save time, money and resources with automated OS updates, with pre-built automations easily customised to fit your processes. Vulnerability patching is made easy by BackBox's automated communication with all devices. It understands vulnerability levels and remediates exposures.
Network devices can also be queried to make sure they are running according to best practices and company policy. Every change is reported while the built-in Compare Tool allows network admins to easily and clearly compare configuration baseline parameters, compliance expectations or any other files.

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Ensure compliance easily, with policy-driven automation

Compliance at scale with network assurance and automation

The larger the network, the greater the challenge to ensure compliancy. For organisations with multiple large networks to manage, the resulting complexity requires a powerful solution.
BackBox allows you to automatically check your network devices against critical parameters, generate, send and archive reports detailing level of compliance. It can also remediate discrepancies or open a ticket in your ITSM to await administrator confirmation. This means you are able to maintain compliance with both external regulations such as HIPAA, PCI and CIS and also internally defined policy such as password complexity, across networks of all sizes.
Every change is reported while the built-in Compare Tool allows network admins to easily and clearly compare configuration baseline parameters, compliance expectations or any other files.


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