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Are you ready to Embark, Accelerate or Transform?

Business transformation is a journey, not a destination. When you embark on business transformation, you are committing to long-term, ongoing evolution.
Each subsequent phase of your journey is synonymous with a new level of growth and success. It is critical to ensure that each phase is complete and stable before moving ahead to the next.
As your business grows, so do your technological needs. As cyber threats evolve, we must evolve hybrid cloud and security solutions to counter them. 

As your teams become more efficient and successful, or new competitive environments open up to you, we must roll out new platforms and systems to advance your next operational or financial goals.
The first step of any ITHQ transformation project determines where your business currently stands. 
From there, we create a delivery plan using our FIRE process to maximise the success and return on investment of every project we carry out.

We work together to define your current transformation status


You're ready to embrace a new technology, or branch into new markets.
You have ambitious new goals but your current technology is holding you back. Transformation starts with building strong foundations.


You're looking to drive value from existing technology or expand from your base model.
Maybe you're puzzling over how to jump to the next curve and need inspiration on mapping your digital outcomes.


You want technology to help you evolve your business and develop differentiation in your space.
You are ready to break the mould in your arena and you're challenging your business to grow exponentially.

Our Delivery Promise to You

We Take Risks, not You

There are no long-term contracts to sign with ITHQ, everything is contracted on a per project basis.
To demonstrate our levels of trust in our partners, we sign long term tech contracts so you get all the benefits without risk.

Your Ideal Delivery Plan

Initial consultation determines the starting point for your transformation journey, based on multiple factors.
Even if you want to go straight for 'Transform', we will not sell it to you if your business isn't ready.

Highest Standards for You

ITHQ promises to deliver the best possible solution at the best possible ROI or TCO, to deliver maximum value to you.
Our talented pool of experts seek the most innovative technology and apply proven techniques.

Inspired by Your Challenges

We seek new solutions to old challenges with a growth mindset and fresh thinking.
Our progressive approach to technology makes us stand out - and our clients reap the rewards. 

Measurable Business Results

If success can't be measured, it can't be harnessed and repeated.
We regularly report on our results, so that you can track your transformation progress as it evolves.

Your Ongoing Expert Support

Our clients benefit from ITHQ experts as their private business tech advisers.
We exist to see your business fly. We will always offer the soundest advice as your journey unfolds.

Our FIRE process

We formulate, implement, run and evolve every solution as businesses embark upon, accelerate towards or further develop transformation.


From initial consultation through conceptual design to a polished action plan, we learn about your business challenges and determine how best to solve them.

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