Flexible Data Resilience

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    Protect your data against ransomware, natural disasters or operational failures


    Zero Trust Data Security for 30%-55% Lower TCO

    Get all the benefits of Rubrik's incredible data resilience, backup, storage and management technology with tailored plans to suit your organisation as it grows.



    Fully managed and tailored data resilience: backup, recovery and archive solution



    Automated flash-speed backups with instant file and server level recovery



    Complete server recovery on and off site, with near zero recovery times


    Microsoft 365 BaaS

    Fast, simple backup solution featuring advanced cloud-based storage

    Flexibility, security, reliability

    Data and operations are critical to your organisation and down time would result in commercial and reputational damage. Through our partnerships with excellent vendors and associates, we are able to deliver Rubrik's exceptional data resilience, management and recovery solutions for less.

    Lower TCO & upfront costs

    Meet your budget requirements with flexible subscription licensing and predictable renewals.

    Secure data protection

    End-to-end encryption with immutable backups to protect against ransomware

    Instant data recovery

    Reduce RTO to minutes by mounting VMs, SQL and Oracle databases directly from the Rubrik platform

    Protect data continuously

    Reduce RPO to seconds by using continuous data protection

    Redeploy your skilled teams

    Eliminate labour-intensive, manual tasks and give your skilled IT staff more value-driving roles

    Advance your path to the cloud

    Choose from on-premise private cloud to a hybrid cloud approach

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    Cloud Data Management

    Comprehensive technical overview of Rubrik's platform 


    Customer Case Studies

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    Quick Rubrik Demo

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    Save up to 55% TCO with Rubrik-as-a-Service

    Fully managed solution, available as either a CapEx or OpEx model

    Backup can be time-consuming and costly. Rubrik unifies backup, recovery, analytics and compliance, taking pressure off your IT department. Flexible model and payment options allow more organisations to benefit.
    With our Rubrik-as-a-Service fully managed solution, we tailor the technology to your needs, giving you more time to focus on stategic, value-driving tasks with the ability to scale easily as your requirements evolve.

      Cloud data management: tailored reports for performance, effectiveness & capacity analysis
      Simple pricing: Only pay for the protected data size and service level you need. Add hosts & VMs as you go
      API first: Assign SLA policies created with API first, for a deep and broad rich feature set
      Central management: Control backups, replication, disaster recovery & archiving through HTML5 GUI
      Support whenever you need it: 24/7/365


    Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

    Recover your business faster, quarantine malware and avoid any reinfections

    In the event of a significant IT failure, your servers, applications and data can be brought online rapidly allowing your business to continue operating with minimum disruption. Our solution is fully managed, flexible and scalable. Your business can have its systems fully recovered at an independent site, freeing your resources to handle operations locally.

      24/7/365 availability: we can take ownership of recovering all the servers on cover
      Recovery time objective: typical recovery of your entire environment - 1 to 2 hours
      Free invocation: no charge in the event of a DR, saving you critical time in crisis evaluation
      Disaster Recovery Testing: Initial test free, followed up by contractually inclusive annual tests
      Architected for performance: high end components deliver superior user experience
      Recovery point objective: recover to any point in time

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    Backup-as-a-Service simplifies all backup processes

    Reduce full backup time significantly, with our easy-to-manage, affordable solution

    BaaS gives your team the time to concentrate on more business critical tasks, instead of spending days managing backups.
    Powered by Rubrik technology, our BaaS solution eliminates the need for backup and search servers, disk backup and tape archive. It integrates data orchestration, deduplication and catalogue management to enable you to expand securely using hybrid cloud backup with the ability to access data instantly from anywhere.
    With Rubrik and cloud data backup solutions, automate backup policies set by SLAs to suit your business needs.

      Simple set-up: Back and go with automated discovery
      Save on costs: Reduce TCO by 30-50% immediately & datacentre footprint by up to 70%
      Easy to manage: Assign SLA policies fast 
      Increase productivity: automated backup policies means less time managing backups
      Better database backup: SQL and Oracle backup is made fast, simple and easy with Rubrik
      Future proof your backup: Protect & centrally manage workloads in all environments
      Instant discovery: Real time search across all files plus suggested options as you type


    Microsoft 365 Backup-as-a-Service

    Effortlessly backup Exchange, Sharepoint, One Drive, groups and Teams in a single pane of glass

    Our advanced backup solution features cloud-based storage to protect and preserve your Microsoft 365 data. Flexible pricing, payment and features create the ideal solution for your needs and you can easily scale it up as your team grows.
    Fully compliant, our solution protects and preserves all your shared data and files.

      OneDrive & Sharepoint: Military grade encryption protects your business critical data
      Groups, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks & Teams: protect & quickly restore all shared data 
      Exchange Online Backup: Unlimited storage means you never worry about space
      GDPR and HIPPA compliant: spot suspicious activities to help prevent cyber attacks
      Advanced email archiving: comprehensive email audit, security and retention option 
      Business Intelligence: utilise valuable email data to discover issues and make improvements 
      Simple flexible pricing: monthly & annual payment plans. Pay-per-user for easy scalability

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