DNSFilter: your web browsing guardian

A user clicks a phishing link that goes to a credential harvesting site ...

DNSFilter blocks the link, protects the user, protects your data, prevents a ransomware attack and safeguards your cyber insurance. 
And that is just one scenario.

Block online threats at the DNS level

From blocking malicious websites to preventing phishing attacks, create secure browsing environments in just three clicks.

Quick set-up

So simple to set up, anyone can do it!


Fastest detection

Threats detected 7 days faster than competitors.

Great value

Great customer reviews, highlighting value and ease of use


Malicious Domain Protection safeguards your data with next-gen machine learning

DNSFilter builds knowledge with every inbound DNS query. Proprietary machine learning techniques discover threats before third-party feeds.

In testing, Malicious Domain Protection found 7,000 risky domains not in existing threat intelligence feeds. It detected threats up to 10 days earlier than third-party feeds, catching one domain 59 days ahead.
Through DNS query analysis, attempted connections to likely malicious domains are blocked, delivering first-line defense for users and corporate networks.

Secure your network and block dangerous and unwanted sites with smarter filtering

Precise machine-learning content filtering prevents users from accessing offensive or unwanted content, ensuring continuous network security - and protecting vulnerable people.

When you filter website content at the DNS level, you’re able to block threats and traffic to inappropriate websites earlier than other methods like traditional firewalls.
Critically, DNSFilter has joined forces with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and Project Arachnid to combat child sexual abuse. Their domain feeds are automatically blocked on the DNSFilter network. This category is the only one that cannot be disabled.


Discover vulnerabilities fast across remote teams with intuitive insights reporting

Use your dashboard to view and export network activity and security reports. Access detailed logs for even more actionable data.

With employees working remotely and using shared devices, it's vital to track individual users and Roaming Clients for network insights. DNSFilter reports help you create policies, block lists, and troubleshoot IT issues.
Review comprehensive aggregate data or isolate a single site - whatever you need. Sort by categories, discover user trends and uncover anomalies as your learn about your network.

Protect against threats with one-click application blocking

Monitor and track all user-accessed applications, and block potentially hundreds of risky associated domains, with just one click.

Remote desktop apps are the entry point for increasing numbers of cyber attacks. To reinforce your zero trust policy, it's crucial to block remote desktop applications on your corporate network. Even if the DNS requests originate from a trusted device, automatic trust should never be assumed.
DNSFilter AppAware allows you easily filter out apps that pose a threat without the need to manage cumbersome block lists.


DNS security and content filteringto suit your requirements

All internet-connected devices are at risk. This acclaimed protective DNS solution guarantees network security for businesses of any size in any sector.

DNSFilter safeguards all internet-connected devices, regardless of the data sensitivity, guest Wi-Fi availability, or remote work setups. It defends against online threats for businesses of any size or industry.
Talk to us your specific needs and we'll give you a case study that fits.

DNSFilter Features

Flexible deployment options, including Roaming Clients for all operating systems, and Active Directory integration. Discover features to fit your organization, whether you're fully remote, hybrid, or back in the office.

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    Anycast Network
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    DNS Filtering
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    Protective DNS
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    Universal Lists
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    Public / guest WiFi
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    Website Categorisation
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    Content Filtering
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    Insights Reporting
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    Roaming Clients
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    Data Export
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    Malicious Domain Protection
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    Single Sign On

Recognised as an industry trailblazer for innovation and customer service



Web filtering and control solution of the year for the second consecutive year.



DNSFilter is redefining how to secure the largest threat vector: the Internet itself.


Customer favourite

"DNS Filtration that just works. I haven't found anything I don't like about DNSFilter."

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