Scan Computers

Mission critical enterprise security and networking solutions aligned with our award-winning strategic model

Scan Computers realises significant performance improvements through their LAN refresh, thanks to multi-vendor security fabric and centralised network management and automation.


Scan Computers is one of the UK's most established technology providers.

Since 1987 Scan has evolved from an online PC retailer to a complete solution provider of bespoke systems, IT infrastructure and cloud services.
From its 26,000 sq ft headquarters in Bolton, Scan’s specialist teams provide customers with graphics, video, audio, gaming, AI and digital signage solutions.
Facilities include a state-of-the-art system integration facility and R&D lab, video studio, sales floor, support centre, retail showroom and warehouse.

Security & Networking Solution Highlights

Strategic ecosystem of solutions ensures Scan Computers has secure networking that fully supports expansion plans

    Refreshed end-of-life edge firewalling with NGFW solution
    Simplified remote access through implementation of modern SSL VPN
    Implemented new DC 10Gb capable NGFW solution
    Updated endpoint protection
    Implemented SIEM, vulnerability management and SOAR solutions
    Refreshed end-of-life core and edge networking
    Modernised Network Access Control
    Strategic roadmap for future refreshes and upgrades

Elan Raja is CEO of Scan Computers

He talks us through his experience of working with ITHQ and the multiple ways in which the new enterprise level, multi-vendor solution is benefitting the business.

When it came to refreshing our legacy networking and security systems we were shocked by how much the pricing and subscription models had changed with our old vendor. Costs quoted were much higher than expected without much value being added to the solutions.
ITHQ introduced us to vendors we hadn't worked with before. Their solutions have given us the secure networks we need for our expanding business at a price point that works - and these new technologies leave our old vendor standing.
We are now far better protected and our network performance is significantly improved. For us as an online retailer, this has directly impacted our customer experience, with a measurable 3x improvement in our customer facing services. Internally, it allows our teams to work much more efficiently. The new security solutions consolidate our cyber resilience and incorporate the latest tech like AI. This gives us visibility across all our systems with much faster detection and response rates.


Having worked with the ITHQ team before, we knew they had the right people and skills we needed. When it came to selecting new vendors, we trusted them to only bring us the best. They say they 'solve for the customer' and we have seen this to be true. Their solutions are built around the best technology - they never simply sell based on the best available deals, it's always about what is best for us.
They took time to understand our business and what we thought we needed. ITHQ advised us well in these cases and gave us a much better solution than we would have bought without their input.
Our networking and security tools refresh was a big project. The potential impact on day-to-day business was immense. ITHQ ensured disruption was minimal and the transition to the new systems went smoothly. Taking all this into account, I can't see the need for us to go anywhere else beyond ITHQ.

Benefits of new solutions


    Designed and deployed using ITHQ cyber resiliency framework

    3 x improvement in customer facing services

    Resilience and visibility across all systems and networks

    Multi-vendor security fabric delivers layered resilience

    No single point of failure

    Complete scale-out architecture

    Centralised network management and automation

    Machine speed response to security events and incidents

    Next generation XDR endpoint protection

Modernising business systems and solutions

Large refresh projects are a time of potential disruption for any business, particularly when technology is reaching end of life. Do you remain with legacy vendors or evaluate new contendors? It is hard to find partners that have your business's best interest in mind, rather than trying to sell you the next big thing in their portfolio.

For companies like Scan, online availability and security is paramount for both internal team performance and customer facing services.
The focus is firmly on compliance, operational excellence and fraud reduction. Any networking and security solution they use must actively address vulnerabilities, enhance customer and employee experience and mitigate risk.

Downtime is simply unacceptable, particularly during new product launches. And with cyber threats evolving daily, every corner of the system must be resilient.
With further expansion plans imminent, Scan has confidence in their growth strategy moving forward, knowing they have solutions in place that will allow them to anticipate, withstand, recover and evolve through any future situation.

Now that we've seen what other vendors bring to the table, we would encourage all businesses to look beyond their legacy brands. If you work with a trusted partner like ITHQ and evaluate new options, you'll be surprised at the new choices available.
The key here is the partner you work with. ITHQ not only work with the most exciting vendors but their strategic approach to solution architecture is unique. They understand our networking and security challenges perfectly and I'm certain they'd be an asset to any business looking for a better way to design and deploy complex solutions that deliver measurable results.