Rapid7 Insight Platform

    Unparalleled combination of best-in-class cybersecurity and compliance solutions, attacker insights, security expertise and AI-driven response and remediation.
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    Rapid7: where knowledge meets power

    The Insight Platform is uniquely powerful.
    Nowhere else can technology and cyber professionals get this combination of cloud security, XDR, SIEM, threat intelligence, vulnerability risk management, application security, SOAR, real-time reporting, exposure analytics and expert insights into attacker behaviour. Assess your attack surface, detect suspicious behaviour and respond and remediate fast.



    Vulnerability Management

    Automatically assess and understand vulnerability risk across your entire infrastructure, and contain threats that can't be remediated immediately



    XDR & SIEM

    Your security centre for incident detection and response, authentication monitoring and endpoint visibility, with suspicious activity highlighted



    Cloud Security

    Secure your public cloud environment from development to production with a modern, integrated and automated approach



    Dynamic Application Security Testing

    Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) for mature and maturing application security professionals. Addresses the latest challenges to securing apps



    Orchestration & Automation (SOAR)

    Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solution. Accelerate your time-intensive manual incident response & vulnerability management


    Threat Command

    Threat Intelligence

    Advanced external threat intel finds and mitigates threats directly targeting your organisation, staff and customers. Proactively monitors clear, deep & dark web

    Stronger Together

    Rapid7 collaborates with global research and open source communities to bring safety and resilience to as many people as possible

    Rapid7 are also members of The Cyber Threat Alliance and The Open Cybersecurity Alliance.

    Project Sonar

    Scans over 70 difference services and protocols to gain insights into global exposure to common vulnerabilities. Findings inform Rapid7's product R&D, their Quarterly Threat Report and The National Exposure Index.


    Project Heisenberg

    Deploys low interaction honeypots globally, and gathers data on connections and incoming attacks via telemtry. Provides objective assessment of attacker behaviours and drives collaboration with other internet-scale researchers.

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    Project Doppler

    Shows organisations their internet exposure. Addresses the increasing complexity of corporate IT environments and shadow IT. Reveals third-party exposures, misconfigurations, system exploitations and more.

    Cyber Communities

    Rapid7 supports various communities to share threat intel including: Metasploit pen testing framework, Recog fingerprinting network, AttackerKB threat analysis forum and Velociraptor endpoint interrogation platform.



    Vulnerability research, exploit knowledge, global attacker behaviour, internet-wide scanning data, exposure analytics and real-time reporting.

    Insight VM turns your vulnerability data into answers. Your risk level is clearly contextualised according to your environment. Traditionally siloed teams are aligned in security with a shared view and common platform language. Progress is tracked and visible, improving impact and creating accountability.

      Lightweight Endpoint Agent
      Live Dashboards
      Real Risk Prioritisation
      IT-Integrated Remediation Projects
      Cloud and Virtual Infrastructure Assessment
      Attack Surface Monitoring with Project Sonar
      Automated Containment
      Container Security
      Integrated Threat Feeds
      Goals and SLAs
      Easy to Use RESTful API
      Policy Assessment
      Automation-Assisted Patching

    InsightIDR: XDR & SIEM

    Your security centre for the post-perimeter era, InsightIDR starts to return value in days. Efficient, selective alerting means threat response is 70% faster, and you gain complete visibility of your environment.

    InsightIDR is built, vetted and used by experts. Internal and external threat intel, incident detection and response, authentication monitoring and endpoint visibility. Suspicious activity is highlighted to eliminate alert fatigue because you no longer have to weed through thousands of data streams.

      Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
      Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)
      User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA)
      Cloud and Integrations
      Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
      Embedded Threat Intelligence
      MITRE ATT&CK Alignment
      Deception Technology
      Incident Response and Investigations
      Response and Automation

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    Secure your public cloud environment from development to production with a modern, integrated and automated approach. 

    Achieve continuous security and compliance with real-time analysis and automated remediation. Ensure cloud workload is protected. Spot vulnerabilities, misconfiguration and surface threats. Reduce your risk by maintaining least-privelege access for cloud workloads, data and apps.

      Customisable Compliance Reporting
      Unified Multi-Cloud Inventory
      Intelligent, Real-time Data Collection
      Configuration Management
      Vulnerability Assessment
      Govern Cloud Identity and Access Management
      Infrastructure as Code Security
      Kubernetes Security Guardrails
      Built-in Automation and Remediation


    Dynamic Applications Security Testing (DAST) for mature and maturing Application Security professionals. 

    Secure even the most advanced web apps and APIs with fewer false positives and missed vulnerabilities. Rich reporting and integrations allow teams to collaborate with speed. Managing the security assessment of your app portfolio is made easy and efficient, regardless of size.

      Automatically Crawl and Assess We Apps
      Identify Vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, XSS and CSRF
      The Universal Translator
      95+ Attacks Types
      Attack Replay
      Powerful Reporting for Compliance and Remediation
      Cloud and On-Premises Scan Engines
      Scan Scheduling and Blackouts

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    Security Orchestration, Automation and Reponse (SOAR). Accelerate time-intensive, manual incident response and vulnerability management processes

    Connect teams across your IT and security systems with clear communication, collaboration and integration. Streamline your manual, repetitive tasks and connect-and-go workflows: no code necessary. Supercharge your security operations with automations that drive efficiency, without sacrificing analyst control.

      Library of 300+ plugins
      Automate Incident Response
      Automate Phishing Investigations and Responses
      Accelerate Vulnerability Management
      Easy Collaboration
      Investigate and Contain Malware
      Simplify Human Decisioning
      Integrate IT and Security Systems

    Threat Command

    Advanced external threat intelligence that finds and mitigates threats directly targeting your organisation, employees and customers.

    Transform intelligence into action with faster detection and automated alert responses across your environment. Simplify SecOps workflows with contextualised alerts for low signal-to-noise ratio. Unlimited access to expert analysts shortens investigation times, and accelerates alert triage and response. Achieve rapid ROI with digital risk protection tailored to your organisation's digital footprint.

      Digital Risk Protection
      Threat Protection Expertise
      Rapid Remediation and Takedown
      Advanced Investigation and Threat Mapping
      Plug-and-play Integrations for Existing SIEM, SOAR, EDR, Firewalls and more
      Clear, Deep and Dark Web Protection
      IOC Management and Enrichment
      Seamless Automation
      Seamless Automation
      Accelerated Onboarding and Intuitive Dashboard
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