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● See quarantined threats seconds after they arrive● Protect your business at the endpoint● Resolve issues and rollback in minutes
NEW FEATURE: Purple AI - empower your security team

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Watch SentinelOne defeat Cerber ransomware in 45 seconds

Unprecedented threat detection and response at machine speed

Your ultimate guardian against today's most advanced persistent threats and those as yet unknown


SentinelOne's Endpoint Protection has been recognised as a leader for three consecutive years by Gartner. Why? Because it consistently delivers on security, innovation and customer experience.
Endpoints are a key attack vector for malicious actors trying to gain access to your network. Your security team needs prevention, detection and response that is easy to use, robust and flexible, to ensure every endpoint is secure - wherever it is on the planet.
Purple AI is the latest feature introduced to further empower your security team, maximising their productivity and value, while Ranger is a real-time network attack surface control solution that identifies all IP-enabled devices on your network.

Purple AI: Your AI security analyst

See how SentinelOne's Purple AI will unlock your security team's full potential. Translate natural language into complex threat-hunting queries for search and triage, streamline complex investigations and get full visibility with the unique Gen AI security analyst ...

Ranger: Extend Sentinel Agent Function

Cloud-delivered, software-defined. network discovery solution designed to add global visibility and control with minimum friction. Ranger learns your network, protections managed assets with one click and enables blocking of unauthorised devices ...

The world's most powerful AI-powered EPP platform

SentinelOne's Singularity brings together key features that make it hard to beat: best-in-class EDR, Storyline, RemoteOps, deep visibility and Ranger.
Now with the latest addition of Purple AI, Singularity accelerates investigations, increases detection efficacy, and reduces Mean Time to Respond, as proven in the MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK® Evaluation three years running.



Automatically correlate events to reconstruct threats from start to finish

Patented Storyline™ technology continuously observes, records, and analyzes all activity from endpoints (and beyond), reconstructing attacks in real time. It correlates related events efficiently, reducing alert fatigue, and delivers actionable insights accessible to analysts of all expertise levels.


Hunter's Toolkit

Get deep visibility, full context and understanding of an attack.

Up to three years of data retention for deep visibility. Get extensive MITRE ATT&CK® tactics for threat hunting, customizable network isolation, and enhanced incident probing with predefined scripts. Secure remote shell access and dynamic analysis via file fetch across all OS are also provided.


Purple AI: SentinelOne's latest transformative tool

The most advanced cybersecurity AI available today. Purple AI can turn your organisation's data into its strongest defence.

Purple AI represents a significant advancement in cybersecurity by integrating generative AI technologies. This platform empowers threat hunters and SOC analysts with the cutting-edge capabilities of large language models (LLMs), enabling more sophisticated and effective threat detection, analysis, and response.
By leveraging the power of AI, Purple AI helps streamline operations, allowing teams to operate more efficiently from a single console. This integration leads to clearer insights and a more comprehensive defense strategy, all while enhancing the overall performance and response time of security operations.


Singularity Ranger: Network visibility and control

This comprehensive network discovery solution is designed to enhance your cybersecurity infrastructure, maintain continuous network visibility and ensure enterprise security.

Singularity Ranger by SentinelOne is a comprehensive network discovery solution. This cloud-delivered, software-based platform immensely facilitates the visualization and management of all network-connected devices, significantly aiding in securing the organizational perimeter.
With Singularity Ranger, your business gains the capability to detect and respond to vulnerabilities across any connected assets in real-time. It is an integral part of the broader SentinelOne Singularity XDR platform, which leverages distributed intelligence to provide holistic security coverage.

Customer Successes

These incidents might be happening at any time of day or night. SentinelOne guarantees that an incident or a suspicious behaviour is reviewed and responded to within the least possible amount of time. Everything works perfectly whenever we need to perform any investigation, or whenever we need to respond to any event.

Bruce Cunha: Cybersecurity Lead, Stingray

SentinelOne greatly increases the productivity of administrators because it autonomously builds a perfect security environment from prevention to action by simply installing it like conventional antivirus software.

SDS Official: Samsung

The threat landscpe is no longer based on patterns but behaviours and analytics, the target on our back was getting larger every day we didn't do something about it. With SentinelOne as a key element of our tool belt, security became a differentiator.

Jason Spencer: VP of Global IT, R.R. Donnelley

Our team finds the UI to be intuitive, clean, easy to access and responsive. They're finding it vrey easy to undrestand what types of threats are happening in real time and how Sentinelone's automated responses are neutralising them.

Neil Binney: Head of Information Security and Compliance, Morgan Sindall

Industry Recognition

AVTest badge

Leader 2023 for Endpoint Protection Platforms for 3rd consecutive year

VB 100 virus

Cybersecurity Platform of the Future Achieves 100% Block Rate

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SentinelOne evaluting security products

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SentinelOne evaluting security products

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