Extended Detection & Response

Unprecedented cybersecurity at record speed through a single platform.


SentinelOne: Delivered and managed by ITHQ

Watch SentinelOne defeat Trigona ransomware in 65 seconds

Singularity Platform

Extend beyond the endpoint with end-to-end visibility, protection and response.

SentinelOne's Singularity Extended Detection and Response is the next leap in the evolution of EDR.
Data is actioned at enterprise scale. Decisions are autonomous, precise, context-driven, happen at machine speed, and with zero human intervention.
560,000 new pieces of malware are unleashed daily, according to AV-Test Institute. This number increases each year, as threats evolve from patterns to behaviours and beyond. SentinelOne has broken records in independent tests, detecting and defeating the latest malware in minutes.

SentinelOne fortifies every edge of your network, every endpoint; everywhere your most sensitive data lives.

  • Seeget maximum visibility across every corner of the enterprise

  • UI Essential

    ProtectComplete coverage, unrivaled speed and efficiency

  • ResolveAutomate response across the entire connected security ecosystem


Customer Successes

These incidents might be happening at any time of day or night. SentinelOne guarantees that an incident or a suspicious behaviour is reviewed and responded to within the least possible amount of time. Everything works perfectly whenever we need to perform any investigation, or whenever we need to respond to any event.

Bruce Cunha: Cybersecurity Lead, Stingray

SentinelOne greatly increases the productivity of administrators because it autonomously builds a perfect security environment from prevention to action by simply installing it like conventional antivirus software.

SDS Official: Samsung

The threat landscpe is no longer based on patterns but behaviours and analytics, the target on our back was getting larger every day we didn't do something about it. With SentinelOne as a key element of our tool belt, security became a differentiator.

Jason Spencer: VP of Global IT, R.R. Donnelley

Our team finds the UI to be intuitive, clean, easy to access and responsive. They're finding it vrey easy to undrestand what types of threats are happening in real time and how Sentinelone's automated responses are neutralising them.

Neil Binney: Head of Information Security and Compliance, Morgan Sindall

Industry Recognition

Mitre Attack badge

Read: SentinelOne hits record results in 2022 evaluation

AVTest badge

Leader 2021 for Endpoint Protection Platforms

VB 100 virus

Cybersecurity Platform of the Future Achieves 100% Block Rate

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SentinelOne evaluting security products

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SentinelOne evaluting security products

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SentinelOne evaluting security products

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