Hippodrome Casino

    Mission critical CCTV solution delivered and managed, with Unified Cloud Management and Continuous Vulnerability Assessment included in 5-year plan

    Premier London casino ensures gaming legislation compliance and realises significant performance improvements, with ITHQ solution built using Lenovo and Quantum plus ongoing support


    The Hippodrome Casino in London's Leicester Square is an entertainment landmark with a long history.
    Show venue, circus, floodable arena, Talk of The Town nightclub where the biggest stars of the '50s and '60s dazzled live audiences in a vegas-style setting, burlesque club and now casino; Hippodrome has brought glamour and glitz to the West End since 1900.
     Security is a critical aspect of modern entertainment venues, and casinos in particular. When Hippodrome's CCTV system needed updating, they called ITHQ.

    CCTV Improvement Solution Highlights

      Refreshed Quantum (formerly Pivot3) CCTV solution building on existing Milestone system
      451+ hi-res video surveillance cameras that record continuously
      Solution compliant with gaming regulations, delivers operational excellence, reduces fraud, mitigates risk and minimises vulnerabilities
      Accessibility guaranteed, even in the unlikely scenario of systems failure, plus 24/7/365 support
      Cost efficient, industry standard, consolidated hardware selection
      Enterprise-class HCI infrastructure for surveillance operations. Scalable solution with built-in resilience and immutable records.

    Philip Mitchell is Head of IT at Hippodrome Casino, London.He talks us through his experience of working with ITHQ and the multiple ways in which the new CCTV system with immutable storage is benefitting the business.

    ITHQ have given us a system we can trust. We can now say we have zero down time, significantly improved performance and most importantly, no video loss. We have over 451 cameras across our premises that record continuously. This number is only going to increase over time. I'm confident we will now be able to scale cost-effectively and efficiently, with no threat to our regulatory requirements or worries over reliability or accessibility.

    Why ITHQ?

    ITHQ was recommended to us by another well-known London casino. They were already using the Pivot3 CCTV solution and had seen outstanding results.
    We wanted a single software fabric with high durability and automated server failover. We were also looking for a solution that would facilitate non-disruptive scale-out allowing us to add capacity as needed, when upgrading cameras or increasing retention. ITHQ's solution ticked every box, reducing complexity and management overhead as well.

    Solution Summary

      Improved performance
      Consolidated hardware
      Server failover included
      No single points of failure

      Better fault tolerance
      Complete scale-out architecture
      Non-disruptive updates
      Surveillance expertise

    Overcoming Mission Critical Challenges in Today's Gaming Environment

    Modern gaming providers rely on image capture and video to reduce fraudulent activities, minimise financial losses, maximise customer experience and drive productivity throughout their teams.

    For twenty-first century casinos such as The Hippodrome, video is a critical element of physical security. It must be captured, immutably stored and protected. It must also be accessible at all times, even if systems fail.
    The focus is firmly on compliance, operational excellence and fraud reduction; meaning video surveillance must actively address vulnerabilities, enhance customer and employee experience and mitigate risk.

    Downtime is not an option in this industry, particularly during times of rapid growth. And with cyber threats evolving daily, every corner of the system must be resilient.
    With an identified need for unified cloud management and continuous vulnerability assessment as well, ITHQ is continuing to develop a solution that is reliable, secure, ready for expansion and easy to manage.

    Our solution partners


    Surveillance cameras are the biggest data generator on the planet, and casinos rely on video data every day. Pivot3 was a pioneer in the use of hyperconverged software for surveillance recording. Since being acquired by Quantum, further investment has been made in their video surveillance and physical security solutions. ITHQ are experts in strategising solutions to fit our business needs and goals. They consistently deliver what we need and even during those unavoidable moments when we need extra support, ITHQ quickly comes up with a solution that works for us and ensures any concerns are addressed.

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