Secure & control everything from anywhere

    ● All-in-One access control and device management● Easily enforce policy, reduce cyber insurance premiums● Save time, get fewer tickets, eliminate password resets
    For less than a cup of coffee per user per day

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    Consolidate security, user access control, compliance and systems managementwith the #1 cloud directory platform

    From one pane of glass, manage user identities and resource access, secure Mac, Windows, and Linux devices, and get a full view of your environment.


    Award-winning Identity & Access Management

    Manage your user lifecycles securely and easily with one identity for everything. On and off board in a few clicks, across multiple cloud or on prem resources.


    Single Sign-on for access to unlimited apps

    User groups ensure everyone has the right access levels. MFA built in: Google Authenticator, Duo, FreeOTP, Yubico, Microsoft Authenticator and more.


    Securely manage any system and device from anywhere

    JumpCloud makes your devices trusted gateways to company resources. Device-centric policy-driven security allows you to remotely configure and secure every device


    Centralised view, minimise risk, drive compliance

     Single pan of glass view of everything. Assess device health and non-compliant systems for immediate action. Get system insights and send data to your SIEM

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    We needed a solution that had our backs for us so that we could just forget about the problem and knew it was being taken care of. JumpCloud is perfect for us and has given us back £1,000s in terms of recovered productive time ... Read more

    Craig Wiltshire: CEO, Struto

    Provisioning to eight or nine different applications used to take an hour or so per user. Now, you establish the account in JumpCloud and users are provisioned within 20-30 minutes

    Laurie French: Director of Technology Operations

    With JumpCloud, I was able to download all user information from Google and quickly manipulate it for the PowerShell module. Within four hours, I had all our users loaded into JumpCloud and ready to go.

    Jim Shreve: Director of Technology, Nome Public Schools

    Honestly, there’s so much potential for fixing things in your environment that you didn’t even know were broken, and JumpCloud likely has a solution for every one of your IT related problems.

    Peter Lasky: Director of Technology, augeo FI

    I can’t think of any organization that wouldn’t benefit from JumpCloud.

    Iain Argent: Software Development Manager, Doublestruck

    The JumpCloud Directory Platform provides secure, frictionless user access from any device to any resource, regardless of location. 
    It manages users and their systems - Mac, Linux or Windows - and provides access to cloud and on-premise resources such as Office 365, G Suite, AWS cloud servers, Salesforce and Jira, among thousands of others.
    The same login connects users to networks and file shares via RADIUS and Samba, securing your entire WiFi and server access.
    Single Sign-On Multi-factor authenticationCentralised cloud directoryServer access and management Cross-platform system management Active Directory integration

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      The only complete cloud directoryJumpCloud is the first platform to combine the control and security of directory services with the scalability and ease of the cloud
      Reduction in workloadGroup-based provisioning, command line automation and end-user self service saves time and effort
      Auth to EverythingYour IT stack is simplified and users are granted freedom of choice across platforms and protocols with a single password
      Serious security everywhereYour IT resources are locked down with MFA (2FA), full disk encryption, SSH keys, event logging and more
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