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David Lloyd Leisure enriches security posture with Rubrik Backup-as-a-Service from ITHQ


David Lloyd Leisure is Europe’s premium health, sport and leisure group with 131 clubs in total, operating across the UK, the Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe.

Facilities include state-of-the-art gyms, heated indoor and outdoor pools, top-class racquet facilities, well-equipped group exercise studios and luxurious spas.

Data protection is critical for David Lloyd Leisure. When they were looking to improve their backup solution, Rubrik was a top choice.
Through a strategic partnership with Assured Data Protection, ITHQ offers Rubrik-as-a-Service. This cost-effective solution delivers all the benefits of Rubrik’s immutable backups through a flexible, and scalable model.

    Rubrik-as-a-Service model delivers perfect backup level with flex to scale
    Value and ROI reported quickly
    Risk reduced, security posture dramatically improved

We wanted to double up on our recoverability options to improve our security posture and business continuity plans. We already liked Rubrik as a solution, but through ITHQ, we were introduced to a new way of sourcing, implementing, and managing the technology ‘As-a-Service’ that aligned well with our IT operating model.

Sanjeeva Wimalasena, IT Director, David Lloyd Leisure

Immutable Rubrik backup solution-as-a-Service

    Additional layer of protection against data loss implemented
    Security posture significantly improved
    Critical operational data backed up immutably and externally from other systems
    Data retention and privacy regulation compliance assured
    Cost-effective ‘as a service’ with flexibility and scalability
    Business continuity plans improved and ready to test

Sanjeeva Wimalasena, IT Director of David Lloyd Leisure

On identifying the need for a separate, immutable backup solution and the decision to select Rubrik Backup-as-a-Service from ITHQ

Adding Rubrik has put us in a much more comfortable place. I have the confidence to run a full disaster recovery test, whereas that wasn’t the case before.
We buy a lot of tools and technologies into our portfolio because we have complex requirements. I’m constantly asking, ‘When are we going to get value out of this?’ With ITHQ, the solution was implemented and signed off very quickly.
ITHQ had all the expertise and a rapid onboarding process that ensured we were fully set up in a short time. They nudged us more proactively to get everything completed than we had to nudge them; exactly what we want from a supplier.

Rubrik's $10 million ransomware guarantee *

Separate backups, cyber security insurance and key certifications

Rubrik already offered a $5 million ransomware guarantee. In April 2023, they upped this to $10 million, demonstrating both confidence in their technology and commitment to their customers.
Being able to quickly restore lost data is an essential part of disaster recovery, particularly if an attack is instigated by a state actor. Many cyber security insurance policies do not pay out in the event of a state actor breach, adding significant cost to recovery.

*Terms and conditions apply. Learn more about Rubrik’s Ransomware Recovery Warranty

Immutable, separately held data backups are also included in the broad range of requirements necessary to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO:27001.
For businesses subject to further compliance and regulatory requirements, storing backups separately adds an additional layer of data security for deep commitment to data integrity and availability.

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