Next-Generation Firewall

Unparalleled AI-powered security performance and threat intelligence

With full visibility and secure networking convergence


Hyperscale securely with uncompromised performance

FortiGate next generation firewalls are the most deployed firewalls in the world.

Build security-driven networks that weave AI / ML-powered FortiGuard services deep into your hybrid IT architecture. FortiGates feature advanced firewall protection, secure VPN access, and comprehensive protection from web, email, and application-level threats.

FortiGate firewalls are so widely used for simple reasons: they are easy to deploy, provide a high level of security with minimal configuration and cost far less than their main competitors. Features include deep packet inspection, intrusion prevention, malware protection, and application control.


Hyperscale fast with confidence

Consistent, co-ordinated protection that scales to any environment


Protect your Hybrid Environment

SD-WAN included to control your environments with 100% visibility


Enterprise solution
for $2 per protected Mbps

Outperforms other Gartner leaders for 75% less cost


Why FortiGate firewalls are the most used in the world

Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader 

for network Firewalls and SD-WAN

Visibility across all environments

with FortiOS, FortiClient and FortiManager

Unparalleled Performance

with Fortinet’s patented /SPU / vSPU processors.



FortiOS Everywhere provides unified networking and security, supporting hybrid IT in a consistent and coordinated way



Patented ASIC architecture in every firewall boosts networking and security performance, delivers greater ROI, and reduces power consumption


AI / ML Security

FortiGuard global threat intelligence and telemetry delivers advanced security and automated protection against known and unknown threats 


Engineered for Hyperscale

Industry’s First Hyperscale Firewall: FortiGate 1800F Series

Even the fastest data center security solutions available today fail to keep up with the speed of 'smart' technology adoption.
Cars, cities, homes, and whole industries including transportation, energy and manfacturing are all becoming smart realities. The resulting data usage processing demands require scale at unprecedented speeds, with zero compromise on performance or security.
Enterprise level firewalls such as the Fortinet FortiGate 1800F series, NP7-powered next generation firewalls are engineered for hyperscale. Organizations can handle unprecedented user consumption of online services with enhanced customer experience, gain customer loyalty, and grow their revenue.
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Protect your Hybrid Environment

Centralised visibility across all your environments with automation-driven network configuration and security policy management

FortiGate next generation firewalls organically converge networking and security with built-in SD-WAN, ZTNA application gateway, 5G wireless WAN and more.
They utilise purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence services from FortiGuard labs. This allows them to deliver top-rated protection and the highest performance levels, including encrypted traffic.
FortiManager helps enterprises simplify oversight of the security infrastructure and automate responses to potential problems. It scales to support more than 100,000 Fortinet devices and offers targeted dashboard views for key stakeholders including CIO, CISO, network architect and security architect.
This software also helps with security standards. It integrates into the FortiOS operating system and can be further leveraged for topology and other views. Also, you can select license levels to ensure a good fit for your needs.


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Enterprise solution for $2 per protected Mbps

Outperforming other Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders for 75% less cost

Not only do FortiGates deliver performance that is, on average, five to twenty times faster than industry averages, they also consume one-tenth of the power of alternatives from other vendors.
Fortinet NGFWs are built using a proprietary SPU architecture with custom ASICs, which vastly improve networking and content inspection performance.
As highlighted below, Fortinet's Security Compute Rating benchmark compares the performance of their ASIC-based NGFWs with other vendors' products that utilise generic CPUs for networking and security capabilities.
Industry average is calculated using the average performance of leading solutions including the listed vendors. Security Compute Rating performance numbers are based on each vendor's data sheets.

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