Putting IT intosustainabilitycommunityopportunity

Turning waste corporate tech into a life-enhancing resource

Businesses ...Reduce corporate tech wasteSupport local non-profit organisationsEnhance lives with your old IT
Non-profit organisations ...Get free IT for education, communication, collaboration

When company tech needs updating, there can still be plenty of life in it

We collect usable waste tech, typically laptops, tablets, screens, keyboards and printers from local companies, ensure any residual data is wiped and recondition it. This revitalised equipment is then delivered to local non-profit organisations where it provides a vital resource.

Are you a business in the south east of England with an IT asset disposal pile?

  • Save the planet and your budget

    Boost your green credentials by letting us select re-useable tech from your asset waste pile, reducing disposal costs

  • system-audit

    Feel secure that all data is wiped

    Our cyber security and data experts will ensure any residual data is wiped, protecting your business

  • Support your community

    Donate your old tech to Life In IT and see the positive difference it can make to someone's life

  • Create fresh opportunities

    Help kids learn, refugees keep in touch with family or homeless shelters help people find work and long-term accomodation

Are you a non-profit in need of tech for education, communication or entertainment?

  • Get the tech you need

    Get laptops, tablets or printers for educational, communication, administration or entertainment purposes

  • Save your budget

    Let Life In IT supply your tech for free, so you can allocate budget elsewhere

  • Drive collaboration

    Help us drive collaboration within our community, sharing resources, building relationship and creating opportunities

  • The tools to thrive

    Receive more technological tools to help our most vulnerable people thrive, create and progress

Life In IT, from ITHQ

ITHQ helps businesses achieve operational and technological resilience with strategy-led solutions.Life In IT is our corporate social responsibility initiative that delivers reconditioned IT to local organisations that provide vital services to our most vulnerable people.
Our recipients include: special needs schools; crisis, homeless and refugee shelters; childrens' wards; hospices, and more
There are two main goals we strive to achieve:
1. Reducing the amount of corporate tech that goes to waste2. Enriching lives and creating opportunities in our community with reconditioned IT Be a part of the solution with us.