Worldwide Currencies

Resilience, expert accountability and 100% visibility of data assured, with strategic solutions from ITHQ

Foreign exchange and transfer specialist, Worldwide Currencies, turned to ITHQ following a serious data breach. After a strategic review and implementation of multiple solutions, the business is now secure in its resiliency status, with further operational and technological resilience projects planned.


Worldwide Currencies is a global trading platform

London based market leaders in foreign currency, Worldwide Currencies, offer the best foreign currency exchange rates with no commissions and free wire transfers.
Whether clients wish to buy property abroad, emigrate to another country, set up regular international payments or send money back to the UK, Worldwide Currencies can help. They offer personal, business and institutional specific services and are rapidly expanding.
When the business was hit with a ransomware attack in 2021, they were recommended ITHQ as the experts who could help them recover.

We engaged ITHQ and very quickly, we were back on our feet with far superior strategies and solutions in place. I am confident we now have a truly expert resilience partner and feel very secure working with them. All our systems are now monitored, all data activity and updates logged. We have 100% visibility of our networks and more than meet our strict industry cyber standards.

Arran Duke, CEO, Worldwide Currencies

Cyber Resilience Strategic Solution Highlights

    Tactical review and SAFE cyber strategic review allowed fast deployment of critical tools to restore data and secure networks
    Best of breed solutions deployed for multi-layered cyber security and continuous vulnerability management
    Cost savings realised as superior solutions deployed
    Data visibility now 100%, up from only 20% pre-ITHQ engagement. Alerts prioritised and remediated before any internal alarm is raised
    Worldwide Currencies is now confident their resilience partner is accountable for their solutions and contract terms are simple and clear
    All systems monitored and activities logged

Arran Duke, CEO of Worldwide Currencies

On recovering from a serious data breach, engaging with ITHQ through a time of extreme stress and the business-wide relief felt through working with a trusted, accountable resilience partner

It was Easter Sunday when I heard the words nobody wants to hear, 'there's been a breach'. I had never considered we could be a target for cyber criminals because I thought we simply weren't big enough: surely they'd go after a large bank or a larger trader, for instance. First lesson: data is currency and any business is a target. Everything was encrypted. Then came the ransom note. It was a heart-stopping moment and our former security partner could not help us when it came to the crunch.
We are foreign currency, transfer and trading experts. We rely on external resources to be our cyber security experts.ITHQ stepped up for us very quickly at a time of extreme stress. We were in lockdown, working remotely and it was a bank holiday weekend. Scott and his team got well and truly stuck in to get us back up and running as quickly as possible. ITHQ were the voice of calm reason when we were having sleepless nights. Cyber crime is not always just a simple hack. This was organised crime and they had clearly spent time gathering information about us.


We learned the hard way that not all tech businesses are the same. Although we felt our security was the responsibility of our previous partner, their small print stated our security was our responsibility.
I needed to find a real cyber security expert fast. I turned to a trusted partner and they recommended ITHQ to me. Scott, the CEO of ITHQ, got stuck in straight away. He was fantastic. Not only knowledgeable regarding what we needed to do to secure our business, he was also incredible at rallying the troops and keeping me calm and focused at a very stressful time.
We did not pay the ransom. ITHQ helped us find a way to restore our data. They told us exactly what we needed to do to secure our business and implemented solutions immediately that give us total visibility of our networks.

Resilience Service Summary

    100% network visibility, prioritised alerts
    Trusted, accountable IT partner
    Strategic resilience, multi-layered security
    Teams trained in security awareness
    Full logging and monitoring
    Regulatory standards surpassed
    Next generation XDR endpoint protection
    Wireless network refresh
    Firewalls updated
    Highly responsive support team

Achieving operational and technological resilience

Working with a trusted technology partner that stands by the solutions they deliver is critical. Businesses must feel secure that they can prepare for, withstand, recover, and evolve from an advanced, sustained cyber attack such as the one that hit Worldwide Currencies. This requires ongoing operational and technological resilience strategies, proven solutions and a continuous improvement program.

Ransomware attacks are a threat to all businesses, regardless of size or sector. Worldwide Currencies did not consider themselves a target. Yet cyber criminals don't necessarily investigate targets prior to attack. Instead, their bots attack networks relentlessly and only learn about the business they have breached once they are inside.
Once 'over the wall', the criminals will then put a ransom value on the data. In the case of Worldwide Currencies, all data was encrypted including most backups and the ransom was substantial.

The downtime caused by this ransomware attack cost Worldwide Currencies a great deal in lost trading revenue. It also caused a huge amount of stress. Further woe was added when they realised that the contract with their former IT partner did not clearly state accountability for security.
The more regulated a sector, the greater the need to work with qualified, experienced experts who hold accountability for the solutions they deliver. For true operational and technological resilience, a strategic approach to multi-layered security is essential.

Worldwide Currencies are now better protected than they have ever been, with solid foundations set for future planned advanced operational and technological resilience projects.

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Paying less for a better service was not something I was expecting. I now have expert advisors that I implicitly trust. I have sometimes suggested tools or software to the team and they've said, 'no, you don't need that.' Whereas past partners would have happily sold me something I don't need, ITHQ have never done that.
Every project ITHQ have managed for us has gone smoothly. They go above and beyond every time, ensuring a seamless experience for us. I can't fault them. We have regular catch ups where they keep me not only updated, but ahead of any projects. They contact me before any maintenance happens, pre-warning me so that I don't panic if I see something unexpected on the system.
I absolutely recommend ITHQ to any business that takes security and resilience seriously. It is their proactive approach, customer service and expertise that really sets them apart. They are responsive and take responsibility for everything they do. It's refreshing. I get proof of every action, every patch, every update. I am never left guessing and if I raise a query, I receive a response within twenty minutes. I feel very safe working with them and having experienced the horror of a breach, I can't put a price on having that peace of mind.

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