Automated vulnerability remediation

Dramatically reduce risk with cross-OS automated endpoint mangement

Use AI to easily configure and control your Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints with one modern IT operations platform.

Can be included in resilience services from ITHQ

Say 'goodbye' to complex endpoint management and manual patching

Get your time back, confident your environment is secure.

Every operating system requires critical patches to reduce risk of breaches. It should be easy. But patching and endpoint management is often a complex multi-tool process; time consuming for your team, frustrating for end users.
Automox is a powerful tool made even easier to use by AI. You can patch everything, automatically, from one console. Swap juggling several tools to manage different operating systems for this single one, that enables you to do almost anything across multiple operating systems from one console.

  • Patching has never been quicker or easierFree up time to focus on tasks you enjoy and that drive value

  • All your platforms coveredWindows, macOS and Linux endpoints managed from one console

  • Cloud based, no servers or VPNsEasily manage and update your devices, wherever they are

Otto AI is a new addition to the Automox toolkit - only £999 per year for unlimited endpoints

Otto AI is one of the first endpoint management AI assistants available to augment your custom scripting. This super simple-to-use tool allows you to move faster than ever to create PowerShell and Bash scripts at scale.

Save masses of time, see massive results

Draft PowerShell and Bash scripts in seconds and automate all your endpoints in minutes

“Great time saving and effortless product. Constantly improving and providing great support.”

Director Of Information Technology in the Transportation Industry

Speedy deployment


minutes or less to deploy the agent and automate patch and configuration policies

Fast results


day to see the impact of automated patching across any software, any endpoint, anywhere in the world

Achieve more for less


lower costs for adminstration and operations with streamlined, automated endpoint management

Rapid7 + Automox = AVR

Automated Vulnerability Remediation (AVR) means you can find and fix vulnerabilities without lifting a finger.

Introducing the only cloud-native solution that harmonizes your SecOps-ITOps workflow. Just configure, ingest vulnerability information, and remediate.
AVR gives you full-cycle detection and remediation of your organisational risks. Your security and IT teams can coordinate endpoint management and protection, doing away with nasty surprise handoffs and manual patching tasks.

I love Automox – it complements Rapid7’s IVM very well

Matt Keeler, Information Security Analyst, First National Bank of America

Automox demo request

Customer Success Stories

What I’ve told colleagues looking for an endpoint management system was that it just works. Even if you only applied the base policies to set Automox up, it just works. There’s so much more you can do with it – it’s fantastic. I’m over-the-moon-happy about it. The fact that I have a system I can trust that ‘just works’ is amazing.

Angela Wright, IT Division Manager, City of Beaumont

Automox is the future of IT Operations right now

100% endpoint visibility

Full visibility and reporting across on-prem, cloud or hybrid environment endpoints from one place.

Third-party patching

Patch all your systems automatically from a single platform.

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Cloud-based deployment & management

We create our products using the latest technologies to ensure the best experience.

Configuration management

Eliminate configuration drift with automated, hands-free control of any device.

Automated cross-OS patching

Automatically patch Windows, macOS and Linux devices from one easy-to-use platform

Advanced troubleshooting

See and fix issues fast with powerful remote control capabilities, device invetory and config resolution

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