SAFE: Cyber Resilience Strategy

    Anticipate, withstand, recover & evolve from advanced, persistent attacks

    Cyber resilience mapped to critical controls

    Your SAFE strategy means you can:

      Accurately forecast your 3-year tech spend
      Install ransomware as a test, confident you can recover
      Regularly test your incident and breach response plan and role play breaches

    Get a clear view of your resiliency status and protect your business from advanced attacks, prepare for worst-case scenarios and plan for a more resilient future.
    Our cyber resilience strategy works with benchmarked, recommended technologies. We can leverage existing tech if it meets the necessary standards, or use our solutions, whichever fits best. We can also apply SAFE to your supply chain, ensuring you comply with the new NCSC 12 point guidelines.
    We will ensure your business is protected against tomorrow's threats with the best strategy, processes and technology available today.

    Every leader needs to know their business is SAFE


    Critical controls ensure your business is protected when an attack occurs


    Your business is able to continue operating through an advanced, sustained attack


    Recovery is fast and damage minimal, with cyber resilience equal to BCP and DR planning


    Continuous monitoring and revision strengthens your long-term resilience

    End result: Clarity


    Current state and gap analysis


    3-year roadmap to 'risk-adjusted, appropriate' security controls


    Budget, phasing and timing


    Accountability with executive engagement and reporting


    Ability to withstand an attack when it happens, and recover


    Value of lessons learned being realised

    This ongoing process cycles every three years

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