Security Service Edge

Revolutionise security and performance with Netskope SSE

Get the security tools you need, converged into a single solution, as your data and users move to the cloud


Stay ahead of cloud, data and network security challenges

Cloud transformation and work from anywhere have dissolved perimeter security.Netskope sees and understands these changes and works with you to protect people and data anywhere they go, no matter what.


Simplify Secure Operations

Overcome latency, bandwidth and security limitations, ensuring optimal app performance and productivity


Enable Work-from-Anywhere

Safe, fast, reliable, ubiquitous access to your network with zero-trust- powered data and threat protection


Redefine Data Protection

Continuously validate and optimise your security service edge posture, and mitigate data and cloud risk

Netskope recognised as Leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SSE


Highest in exection. Furthest in vision.

The Gartner 2023 Magic Quadrant for Security Service Edge (SSE) describes vendors positioned to drive success across the complete security stack needed for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).
SSE successfully modernizes your technology architecture by converging Web Proxy (SWG), ZTNA, CASB, and DLP into one, powerful, high-performing solution.

Netskope SSE secures the perimiterless organisation

A unique combination of tools and partnerships allows teams to work securely and collaboratively, from anywhere.

Next Gen Secure Web Gateway (SWG)


Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)


Private Access for ZTNA

Public Cloud Security

15-Data Analysis

Advanced Analytics

Cloud Firewall

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Digital Experience Management

IoT Security

Remote Browser Isolation

SaaS Security Posture Management


Netskope has not just maintained network performance levels, its systems have actually improved it.

Julien RossignolProduct Owner Network Security and SD-WANBel Group

Simplify Secure Operations

Converged networking connects and protects multi-cloud environments

Netskope is built using a cloud-native platform, designed to operate in dynamic and distributed environments. It enables efficient network management, data protection and policy enforcement across multiple clouds.

Netskope NewEdge is the world's largest, highest-performing security private cloud and powers the inline and API-driven security services of the Netskope Security Cloud. Netskope NewEdge provides unmatched service coverage, performance and resilience. It is powered by data centres in 70 regions with new data centres being added every month.

Netskope helps you reduce risk, accelerate performance and provide unrivalled visibility into any cloud, web and private application activity. To empower safe collaboration, trust is balanced against risk with granular controls that adapt to changes in your environment.


Improved operations, optimised user experience

    Unified visibility and control: centrally manage multi-cloud usage, network traffic, security risks etc
    Automated cloud operations and fast resolution of issues: receive multi-cloud insights via a single console
    Superior user experience: achieves the fastest end-to-end round trip times for web, cloud and SaaS.
    Deep visibility with best-in-class cloud analytics: real-time link monitoring including loss, latency, jitter, bandwidth utilization, and AppX.

Netskope enables us to meet our employees’ expectations of an
optimal user experience (better than the one they get on their
own home IT) in the safest possible manner.”

Neil BinnieGroup Head of Information Security & ComplianceMorgan Sindall

Enable Work-from-Anywhere

Unleash the full potential of hybrid work with this cloud-native network security platform

Netskope's intelligent Security Service Edge (SSE) uses top SD-WAN solutions for swift, secure access to resources from any remote location. Unified network and security enhance visibility, reduce complexity, and ensure secure transactions everywhere.
The convergence of network and security solutions reduces deployment complexity and enables fast and secure access to corporate resources. Unrivaled visibility across cloud, web and private apps, delivers reduces TCO and secures your transactions wherever your people and data go.

Netskope intelligent SSE diagram

How will SSE empower your WFA business model?

    Granular control of user access: websites, cloud, private apps from any location and device.
    Real-time collaboration: Netskope delivers high throughput and low-latency access to web, cloud and SaaS apps from anywhere enabling an unparalleled user experience.
    Zero-trust security: context-based least privileged access replaces implicit trust access to resources users require, while concealing all other resources.
    Unified security controls: centralised policy enforcement and incident management, plus consolidated point solutions, defend against advanced cloud-enabled threats and safeguard data across all control points.
    Fast, simplified deployments: deploy efficient and agile network infrastructures, without any performance trade-offs, thanks to Netskopes unified SASE architecture delivered through strategic partnerships with SD-WAN leaders
    Seamless remote access: secure, direct and fast access to public cloud environments and applications, circumventing corporate infrastructure, for ubiquitous, reliable connectivity

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“If you don’t even know all the cloud solutions you need to protect, much less how they’re being used, then how can you know you’re applying best-in-class controls to
everything that’s important? That’s the Netskope value proposition.”

Clayton KruegerBusiness Information Security OfficerAscensus

Redefine Data Protection

Protect against advanced and cloud-enabled threats across all vectors

Netskope Zero Trust Data Protection eliminates implicit trust and enables context-driven, least privileged access to data. It continuously evaluates and adjusts access levels to prevent user over-entitlement.
This converged cloud security platform provides granular visibility and control over data. Additionally, the solution utilizes machine learning and advanced analytics to simplify data classification and policy definition, respectively, rapidly accelerating time to deployment and reducing ongoing operating costs.
Netskope Zero Trust Data Protection dramatically simplifies data classification, policy definition and incident management, further adied by machine learning, rich reporting and advanced analytics.


What can you achieve with Zero Trust Data Protection?

    Protection strategies consolidated: across all data types in all locations, by eliminating redundant,overlapping tools.
    Efficacy increased and attack surfaces reduced: by applying zero trust principles enhanced with continuous, adaptive, context-aware, least-privileged access.
    Security operations streamlined: by implementing machine-learning-based classification andanalytics-driven dynamic policy construction.
    Deliver a superior user experience for better security practices: by balancing trust against risk, providing the right level of access at the right time for the right reasons.
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