Privileged Access Management

Protect your privileged accounts with Delinea's PAM solution

● Ease-of-use drives better security● Feature-rich and fully customisable● Available on-premise or via the cloud-native Delinea platform

Enterprise-scale privileged access management at lightning speed

Secure privileges for service, application, root and administrator accounts across your organisation

Quick start

Get up and running quickly: solutions include privileged account discovery, turnkey installation and out-of-the-box auditing and reporting tools.



Manage multiple databases, hypervisors, network devices, software applications and security tools even in large-scale distributed environments.

Endless customization

Customise however you like with direct control into on-premise and cloud PAM. Work with ITHQ professionals or use your own experts.

Delinea: the ONLY vendor named a Leader in all 5 major analyst reports

For several years, Delinea has been recognised by industry analysts in Privileged Access Management evalution reports.

In 2023, all five of the major analyst reports named Delinea as a leader for vision, strategy, solutions, value and leadership in Privileged Access Management.
Watch the video to see how the easy usability of Secret Server makes it such an effective PAM solution, or access all of the top reports of 2023 below.

Secret Server: Delinea's easy-to-use PAM secure vault solution

Outsmart the threat actors with the one solution that seamlessly balances ease of use with security

Five key pillars of Secret Server secures, identifies, manages, monitors and audits your privileged accounts credentials and more.

  • Asset 33

    Establish Secure Vault

    Protect access to your privileged account credentials and so much more with less friction and greater adoption.

  • Discover Privileges

    Automatically discover assets, accounts, and credentials with seamless import into the secure vault.

  • Manage Secrets

    Securely manage your secrets, from passwords to SSH keys and application credentials.

  • a

    Delegate Access

    Quickly enforce least privilege with seamless rules for folders, groups, and all identities based on role.

  • Control Sessions

    Increase accountability and oversight with privileged session monitoring and recording.

Feature-rich and fully customisable

Get the solution you need built for your specific privileged access management needs now and in the future.Available on-premise and via the cloud-native Delinea Platform, where integrations are also available on the Marketplace

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    Secure Vault and Password Manager
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    Access Control
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    Session monitoring & Control
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    Advanced Scripting
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    Service Account Governance
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    Distributed Engine (Scaling Out)
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    Enhanced Auditing, Reporting & Compliance
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    Approval Workflow
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    Advanced Unix Features
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