AWS Cloud Solutions

    Create a better experience for your workforce, citizens, students, or residents with flexible, cost-effective cloud computing solutions

    Start with your secure hybrid cloud strategy or explore specific AWS features and benefits

    High availability cloud technology, secure and reliable across all classification levels

    We understand the unique challenges faced by both corporate and government organisations. You have to balance economy and agility with security, compliance and reliability. We are experts in helping solve these challenges, working with customers to navigate all aspects of procurement or policy relating to cloud adoption. 
    AWS provides commercial cloud capability across all government classification levels: Official, Secret or Top Secret. Whatever your project, we can help you achieve success with a common set of tools, consistent flow of the latest technology and the flexibility to rapidly scale.
    Learn more about AWS and our as-a-Service models. Bespoke models also available.


    Managed Cloud Services

    Fast, easy & cost-effective.Move your existing applications to the cloud and build almost anything. 



    Compute, network and storage on-demand. Scale and shrink resources as needed, with this pay-as-you-go model



    Add operating system, middleware and runtime management to everything provided by our IaaS solution

    Get the best possible IT environment, scaled as you need it 

    Whatever you're looking for; compute power, database storage, content delivery or better functionality, our AWS managed solutions will help you achieve your organisational goals with up to 3x better price performance than other cloud providers. 
    Free up your resources to focus on delivery while we take care of your infrastructure

    Flexible Pricing Models

    Meet your budget requirements with flexible delivery and pricing models that mean you pay on demand

    Security & Compliance

    Comprehensive, advanced security capabilities satisfy the mot demanding infosec requirements


    Build hybrid IT architectures that extend your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud

    Private, Isolated Resources

    Choose the right level of isolation for your apps and integrate with existing resources


    Scale and Innovate Fast

    Test new software quickly, easily and affordably. Spin up infrastructure in minutes; scale up or down as needed

    Better Business Continuity

    Redundancy built in at every layer, multiple fault domains, diverse locations and expertly run

    Stable, Reliable, Supported

    Uptime is almost guaranteed, with software and hardware maintained and upgraded by SLA

    Reduce Expenses

    Eliminate need to buy, operate and maintain infrastructure. Only pay for what you use


    Accomplish complex missions with flexible cloud services quickly and cost-effectively

    Get the autonomy you need to add digital services securely as demand grows, delivering a better experience for users

    Commercial, government, education, nonprofit, and healthcare organizations face unique challenges to accomplish complex missions with limited resources. Technology leaders are increasingly turning to the power and speed of Amazon Web Services (AWS) when they want to serve users more effectively, achieve scientific breakthroughs, reach broader constituents, and put more of their time and resources into their core missions.
    We can build you a bespoke cloud service that includes any features you want, delivering consistent benefits that meet your budget and scale quickly up or down. Alternatively, go for one of our 'as-a-service' options.

      Consolidate platforms and technology for seamless infrastructure and cost-effective solutions
      Increase access to expert teams, with the cloud hosting choice of industry experts
      Low latency API calls allow cultural practices such as DevOps or approaches such as agile
      Enables very flexible working for staff and easy deployment of services for citizens
      Adapt quickly to user need and build effective software quickly in response

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    Get almost indefinitely scalable computing resources as internet-based services. Only pay for what you use and migrate any or all of your existing on-premise data centre infrastructure to the cloud.

    This model includes computation, storage and databases. All hardware and software hosted in the cloud.



    Get everything in our IaaS service plus operating system, middleware and runtime management. PaaS vastly simplifies web application development with all backend management taken care of.

    Accessed over any internet connection, developers can work from anywhere, with all the necessary tools included.

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