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London, UK | 020 3997 7979

    Data Analytics

    Leverage the business value locked in your data to create opportunities and drive measurable growth 

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    Leverage the Value Locked in your Data

    How your data is gathered, stored and used can make a huge difference to business performance. Unused data equals lost opportunities. Leveraged data drives productivity and value.
    Competition has never been fiercer. Unlocking the power trapped in your stored, underused data can give your business the edge it needs to seize new opportunities for growth.

    ITHQ delivers business intelligence and data leveraging solutions designed to access, visualise and share data with the right people, who can translate it into value-driving activities.
    We design data strategies and solution architecture, and implement analysis and visualisation tools, that bring data into the spotlight and put it to work for your business. 

    SAVE: your data transformed into value


    Strategise your route to gathering, visualising and leveraging your data


    Optimise your database and connect critical apps to turn data into opportunities


    Create beautiful dashboards for single pane of glass business intelligence


    Align data gathering and usage to help your teams drive maximum value

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    Our FIRE process

    Successful business transformation is a journey, not a final destination. We formulate, implement, run and evolve every solution as businesses embark upon, accelerate towards or further develop transformation.


    From initial consultation through conceptual design to a polished action plan, we learn about your business challenges and determine how best to solve them.

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