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    Cloud Optimisation & Performance

    Let's get your cloud networks running as efficiently as possible and free up your teams to focus on driving opportunities and fresh value.

    We start by assessing everything deployed across your cloud environments and identifying any improvable areas. Visibility into workload utilisation, network paths and bandwidth shows we can can make your operations run more smoothly and cost-effectively.

    Policy-driven governance underpins compliance and helps manage licence updates, while shadow IT is identified and can be managed or eliminated before it poses a security risk. In addition, storage is opimised and cloud sprawl and spend are contained. 

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    Positioned as a leader on Gartner's respected Magic Quadrant since 2018, Morpheus is an impressive cloud opimisation tool.

    Positioned as a leader on Gartner's respected Magic Quadrant since 2018, Morpheus is an impressive cloud opimisation tool.
    Our configured and managed solution is designed to deliver measurable improvements to your cloud performance, lower operational costs and drive efficiencies across your business.
    Analytics: Brownfield discovery and rightsizing lowers cloud costs by up to 30%
    Compliance: Policy-driven processes reveal shadow IT, vulnerable user access points and flag licence renewals
    Automation: Apps are deployed up to 150x faster with provisioning via API and CI/CD to bare metal, VM or containers
    Productivity: App lifecycle is completed with scaling, logging, monitoring, backup and migration

    Morpheus truly is a one-of-a-kind platform.

    G2 Crowd review: Enterprise Digital Director

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    Your Cloud Optimisation and Performance solution features

    Including metrics, benchmarks, analysis of workload usage and operational costs, plus expert services

      Cloud assessment

    Gain a clear understanding of what is deployed across which clouds

      Effective monitoring

    Gain visibility into workload utilisation to identify initial targets

      Network path insight

    Ensure optimal paths are used for both intra and intercloud traffic

      Bandwidth insight

    Ensure adequate capacity is available for all traffic on all paths

      Tagging and reporting

    Effective tagging allows for departmental / BU reporting & allocation

      Rightsize infrastructure

    Visibility from monitoring ensures spend is effectively controlled

      Eliminate unnecessary sprawl / spend

    Policy-driven auto clean-ups & scheduling for unused infrastructure

      License optimisation

    Ensure optimal license allocation across the estate

      Storage optimisation

    Continuous rightsizing and deployment to the correct tiered storage


    Defined and tested policies control processes, so your teams can focus on adding value

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