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Breaches are inevitable. Withstand, recover and evolve, with ITHQ Resilience Services on your side
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Even the best cyber security tools alone are not enough to protect your business from complex attacks and the inevitable fall out. Instead, achieving technological and operational resilience should be your goal.
This web of strategies, solutions, staff awareness and ongoing reviews reduces your risk of breach and minimises impact to your business. It allows you to anticipate, withstand, recover and evolve from any attack because every layer of your business is resilient.


Why work with ITHQ?

We love solving wicked tech problems. Show us your challenges and we will create solutions for you with prioritised actions for manageable, ongoing resilience.

Experts on tap, best of breed solutions, all as a service


Easily bridge the skills gap with ITHQ experts on your team. No hire fees, no onboarding. Our experts are ready to hit the ground running.

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We only carry one solution for each challenge. Our technologies are selected using a bespoke framework allowing us to demonstrate their value.


Get the solutions you need that work with your budget and timescales. Our strategy-led services complement your priorities and scale as necessary.

Book time with David Thomas

Cut to the chase and get all your questions answered by our Head of Cyber Resilience in a 1-2-1 meeting.

What our customers say about us


Arran Duke


“ITHQ became our cyber resilience partners following a serious breach. Thanks to ITHQ’s strategic approach, we are now confident that we have everything in place to protect us from another attack.
We have addressed our entire operational resilience is an ongoing process and ITHQ is absolutely our partner of choice. I trust them completely.”


Craig Wiltshire

CEO, Struto, Hubspot Elite Partner

"I completely trust ITHQ to find the best solution for my business ...

We thought [a solution like this] was out of our reach. But the service ITHQ offers has made it accessible to us and given me the peace of mind that we're getting day-zero protection."


Carl Van Eijk

Senior Infrastructure & Security SpecialistLes Ambassadeurs Club

"ITHQ identified problems we didn't know existed and devised solutions that worked in terms of functionality, practicality and cost.

We've worked with several companies over the years ... working with ITHQ has been completely different. We have formed a very productive partnership where they help us to realise goals we want to achieve."


Philip Mitchell

Head of ITThe Hippodrome Casino

"ITHQ are experts in strategising solutions to fit our business needs and goals.

They consistently deliver what we need and even during those unavoidable moments when we need extra support, ITHQ quickly comes up with a solution that works for us and ensures any concerns are addressed."



Attack Surface Management: a cyber resilience framework

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