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London, UK | 020 3997 7979

    Minimise risk with ongoing cyber resilience

    Recommended Scheduled Cyber Security Checks

    Ask an expert about cyber checks

    Keep your business protected against evolving cyber threats with scheduled system checks

    Threat Assessment

    threat assessment cyber security check

    Recommended: 4 report cycles per year

    How vulnerable is your business to cyber attack?
    Have you ever run a threat assessment tool across your networks to identify vulnerabilities, your attack vector or performance dips? If so, how long ago?
    We deploy a FortiGate high performance firewall onto your system to conduct your Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP).

      Your network's current security accuracy
      Application and web resources usage
      Peer-to-peer, social media, instant messaging usage and more
      Analysis of application traffic and bandwidth requirements
      Malware / botnet vulnerabilities and 'at risk' network devices
      Assessment of user productivity
      Network performance

    Fortinet free CTAP assessment

    Cyber Resilience Engineering

    Recommended: Quarterly workshop and review

    cyber resilience engineering CRE icon

    How resilient is your business to a cyber attack?
    It's a hard question to answer, because cyber is a constantly evolving landscape.
    If you were attacked, how would your business fare? Do you have an emergency process ready to follow in the event of a breach?
    Cyber resilience engineering (CRE) provides a clear set of goals, objectives and practices to address all aspects of the threat model.

    Anticipate: We help you predict and prevent attacks by maintaining a state of informed preparedness
    Withstand: Build and maintain systems allowing essential functionality that can contain or defeat attackers
    Recover: Create processes to restore business functions to maximum extent possible following a successful attack
    Evolve: Transform processes and behaviours and re-architect systems to minimise adverse effects from actual or predicted attacks

    Penetration testing

    pen test icon

    Recommended: once per year unless there have been major changes to your infrastructure, when we recommend a second annual check

    Ready to put your security to the test?
    We subject your networks to simulated real world attack scenarios to discover security gaps before a real cyber criminal can exploit them.
    You receive a full report revealing how easily records, credentials, intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII), cardholder data, personal, protected health information, data ransom, or other data could be stolen or compromised.
    Please note: penetration testing alone is not sufficient to protect your business. It only gives a moment-in-time snapshot of your defences and must only be used to support continuous security measures.

    ITHQ security experts will help you determine how to best protect your business data from future cybersecurity attacks.

      Identify your security vulnerabilities before a hacker does
      Plug any gaps in your information security compliance
      Test the response time of your information security team
      Fully understand the potential real-world effect of a data breach or cybersecurity attack
      Receive actionable remediation guidance

    Let's talk cyber resilience

    We love helping businesses like yours. No sales pitches, just sound cyber advice. Book a free chat with one of our experts.

    Our FIRE process

    Successful business transformation is a journey, not a final destination. We formulate, implement, run and evolve every solution as businesses embark upon, accelerate towards or further develop transformation.


    From initial consultation through conceptual design to a polished action plan, we learn about your business challenges and determine how best to solve them.

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