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    Next Generation Firewalls

    Advanced layer 7 cyber security, threat protection, intrusion prevention, web filtering and application control

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    Let's talk about Fortinet firewalls

    Next Generation Firewalls

    Deployment and management of FortiGate NGFWs

      Intrusion prevention

    Protects against malware, exploits and malicious websites in both encrypted and non-encrypted traffic

      Consistent security across your network

    Enables Fortinet and Fabric-ready partners’ products for broader visibility, integrated end-to-end detection, threat intelligence sharing and automated remediation

      Application controls

    Identifies thousands of applications inside network traffic for deep inspection and granular policy enforcement

      VPN capability

    Delivers advanced networking capabilities, high-performance and scalable VPN capabilities

      Web filtering

    Continuous threat intelligence from AI-powered Fortiguard Labs security services detects and protects against known and unknown attacks

      Perimeter security

    Protecting your internal business-critical assets

      Data centre & campus security

    Advanced threat management & intrusion prevention at the core of your network

      Secure SD-WAN

    Delivers WAN edge capabilities in a single offering for enterprise branches to improve user experience and lower cost without compromising security posture

      Cloud security

    Consistent security, automation and deep integrations for multi-cloud environments, plus support for top 7 Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers

      Cloud on-ramp

    High-speed connectivity to multi-cloud environments accelerates the on-ramp to the cloud and provides SSL and TLS encrypted traffic inspection on-premises and in the cloud

    Fortinet product range

    High threat protection with automated visibility to stop cyber attacks

    Incorporating the work of traditional firewalls, antiviruses and other security applications, NGFWs are able to block malware from ever entering a network.
    FortiGate NGFWs utilize purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services from AI-powered FortiGuard labs, to deliver top-rated protection, high performance inspection of clear-texted and encrypted traffic. 
    NGFWs reduce cost and complexity with full visibility into applications, users and networks and provide best of breed security. As an integral part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, NGFWs can communicate within Fortinet’s comprehensive security portfolio as well as third-party security solutions in a multi-vendor environment to share threat intelligence and improve security posture.
    NGFWs provide advanced layer 7 security, including protection from advanced persistent threats (APTs), intrusion prevention, web filtering and application control.  

    Fortinet on Gartner's Magic Quadrant

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    Our partner policy at ITHQ is, only the best.
    We use Fortinet's Fortigate NGFW because it falls firmly into this category. It consistently features top-right on Gartner's Magic Quadrant for network firewalls. This NGFW offers flexible deployment from the network edge to the core, data centre, internal segment and the Cloud. 
    By leveraging purpose-built security processors (SPUs), it delivers scalable performance of advanced security services such as threat protection, SSL inspection, and ultra low latency for protecting internal segments and mission critical environments.
    Managed by ITHQ, your NGFW solution will protect your entire business network from both known and unknown attacks.

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    ITHQ NGFW Solution Features

    Your NGFW solution will include a combination of features, depending on where your business currently stands on its transformation journey and the results you want to see.

    Comprehensive consultation and solution plan

    Configuration and migration

    SD-WAN cloud assist monitoring

    Security services and rating

    Application control

    Cloud access security broker (CASB)


    Web filtering

    Advanced malware protection

    Intrusion prevention system (IPS)

    Let's talk Next-Generation Firewalls

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