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    Protect your brand with data-driven, real-time, cyber threat detection & response

    UEBA & SIEM designed for busy teams that need to separate the signal from the noise

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    Incident Detection & Response

    Non-IT Executives

    Use your security data to protect your brand against advanced threats

    Trusted industry-leading vendor used to protect users and stop attackers

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    Use IDR to ensure you meet PCI, DSS, HIPAA, PII & GDPR

    SIEM & UEBA are established as modern infosec strategy essentials

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    Rapid data aggregation & analytics; real-time detection & response

    Cloud SIEM solution, 20x faster investigations & advanced data analytics

    IDR with Rapid7

    Fast, actionable threat detection powered by AI analysis of the attacker mindset

    Rapid7 security data unification
    Rapid7 detect behaviour behind breaches
    Rapid7 incident response
      User Behaviour Analytics
      Attacker Behaviour Analytics
      Endpoint Detection & Visibility
      Network Traffic Analysis
      Centralised Log Management
      Visual Investigation Timeline
      Deception Technology
      File Integrity Monitoring
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    Best external and internal incident threat response with perfect endpoint visibility and monitoring

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    Use your security data to protect your brand against attackers

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    Monitor your remote workforce, ensure they're protected and respond 20x faster when they're compromised

    Shadow IT has become ubiquitous and, unfortunately, with the meteoric rise of remote working, this trend is accelerating. Your staff will do what they think is right to get the job done - even if that inadvertently puts your entire business at risk.
    Getting eyes on abnormal activity and, more importantly, responding quickly, is key to ensuring your critical data is safe. 
    The answer? An incident detection and response solution that:
    Identifies abnormal behaviours across your organisation. You see what platforms are being used, when they're accessed & what they're used for
    Gives your staff peace of mind no matter where they are, knowing that IT will assist them to do the right thing if they make a mistake
    Allows your team to respond in minutes, not days or weeks. They can respond faster, with pinpoint accuracy & clear investigation information

    Make better, faster decisions across the IDR lifecycle

    Compromised users and malicious behaviour detected and alerts issued automatically; all in context

    The remote workforce needs to feel secure to confidently do their jobs. You need to feel secure that every corner of your network is visible, compliance is enforced and incidents alerted, even on user endpoints. 
    Attackers' techniques evolve: fileless malware; spear phishing; crypto-jacking, for example. With your teams working anywhere and threats on the rise, ensuring regulatory compliance is increasingly challenging.
    The answer? An IDR solution that gives you:
    Centralised data and event management for firewall logs, DNS or raw syslog: all data can be searched and visualised. 
    Intel-backed user & attacker behaviour monitoring to identify malicious activity, monitor remote workers or spot and stop risky behaviour
    Proof of compliance credentials to ensure you meet parts of PCI, DSS, HIPAA, PII & GDPR. IDR is included in the CIA Triad.

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    Award-winning, highly trusted technology

    Rapid7 are widely recognised cyber security trend-setters and SIEM leaders on Gartner's Magic Quadrant

    Rapid7 Hot Company Nucleus Research
    Rapid7 Gartner Magic Quadrant
    Rapid7 SC award winner

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    Incident Detection & Response Solution Features

    Cloud SIEM that fully utilises your security data to detect advanced threats and contain them before they become critical

      User behaviour analytics

    Continuous healthy activity baselining detects attackers masquerading as employees or business-familiar bad actors

      Attacker behaviour analytics

    Advanced threat analytics from leading global security vendors help spot new threats & detect attacks earlier and more accurately

      Endpoint detection and visibility

    Unified real-time detection and user endpoint behaviour insights in unison save you time in threat hunting activities

      Centralised log management

    Comprehensive unified log storage and analytics: all logs in one place, smooth search, automated compliance and correlation

      Visual investigation timeline

    Log search, user behaviours and endpoint data in a single timeline making investigations up to 20x faster

      Deception technology

    Craft honeypots, honey users, honey credentials and honey files, to identify attackers much earlier in the attack chain

      File integrity monitoring

    Regulation mandated across PCI, HIPAA and GDPR allowing you to flag changes to specified files or directories on an endpoint

      Automation for accelerated response

    Workflows for threat containment, firewall rule changes, integration with ITSM systems and user account suspension

      Azure cloud environments

    Integrates with Azure AD, Azure Monitor, Azure Security Centre, Office365 Exchange and Microsoft DNS

      AWS cloud environments

    Our IDR platform also integrates with AWS CloudTrail and AWS GuardDuty, to ensure full cloud visibility

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