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    Cloud directory authorisation & management for SSO, LDAP, RADIUS, on Mac, Windows, Linux & more

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    Identity & Access Management

    Non-IT Executives

    Securely connect users to your systems, applications, files & networks

    Smooth your on & off-boarding processes, enable secure hot-desking & remote working

    IT Executives

    Get transparent reporting, access management & policy enforcement

    Reduce risk across your estate with visibility of app access, use, license details & more

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    Manage all user access centrally via simple to deploy & use admin portal

    Cloud LDAP, Cloud Radius, SAML, MFA, WebAuthn & SSH Key Management

    IAM with JumpCloud

    One login that includes secure password and MFA for true Single Sign-On to all your business applications

    Game changer for modern identity and systems management

    G2 Crowd review: Matt C, Systems Administrator

    Must have in your IT portfolio of tools

    Ramesh D: VP Engineering

    JumpCloud makes managing authentication to multiple services breathlessly simple ...Extremely user-friendly ... cross-platform support (Linux, Mac, Windows), self-service agent deployment for users, customizable system policies, easily manageable system access, insane number of integrations (nearly 700!)

    Ken H: 5 Star review on G2 Crowd

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    The JumpCloud Directory Platform provides secure, frictionless user access from any device to any resource, regardless of location.

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      Hours saved by eliminating password creation and reset
      No risk of accounts left open when users leave the business
      You control user access based on roles and attributes
      Multi-factor authentication protects your data with more than passwords
      Self-service password management eliminates IT dept resets
      Single Sign-On (SSO) gives users secure access to all apps with one login
      Add or delete users instantly for frictionless on & off boarding
      Get full visibility of app access and use, and all license details

    Control secure access to your systems, apps & files

    Centralised app access and identity management could save your business 2.5 months every year

    Giving your teams secure access to the apps they need is essential to drive your business forward. But passwords alone, with no central user access management, costs valuable time and leaves you open to cyber attacks.
    Every 39 seconds, hackers steal 75 records and 80% of all data breaches involve weak or stolen passwords. Additionally, it's easy to overlook user accounts when staff migrate, leaving doors open to your networks.
    The answer? An identity & access management solution that gives you: Multi-factor authentication including time-bound one-use codes & even biometrics, making passwords only part of user security protocol
    Centralised management of access to all your business apps. You can allow or deny access and set role attributes in a couple of clicks
    Self-service password reset frees up valuable time for your IT team and eliminates the 20%-50% of help desk calls related to password issues


    Easily enforce policy, manage access and licenses


    Reduce risk, enforce compliance easily and drive efficiencies with central identity and access controls

    More than 23.3 million accounts use the password 123456 and the average cost of a data breach has risen to $3.92 million: businesses need more than passwords to secure their access points.
    Companies of 15,000 spend 2.5 months every year resetting internal passwords, equating to a loss of $5.2 million in productivity.
    The answer? An identity management solution that:
    Reduces costs and risks of breach, frees time in your IT team, can lower cyber insurance premiums and prevents unlawful access even if user credential or devices are stolen
    Blocks up to 99.9% of automated attacks through MFA alone: Coalition, cyber insurance agency quoted in Insurance Journal, September 2019
    Supports regulatory compliance with 360 degree view of user access and usage, with compliance-driven reporting and license monitoring

    Why insurers recommend IAM be part of your cyber defence

    What other businesses are saying about JumpCloud


    I completely trust ITHQ to find a great solution that fits my business. JumpCloud is perfect for us and has given us back £1,000s in terms of recovered productive time. Plus, the user experience of Office 365 was definitely of lower value prior to JumpCloud being deployed ... See full case study

    Craig Wiltshire, CEO, Struto

    ITHQ IAM Solution Features

    Easy to deploy and manage, JumpCloud delivers centralised user access and role attribution management. It reduces cyber risk with SSO and MFA, and the self-service password portal means no more frustrating resets for the IT team

    User identity & attribute management - user identities and user-related data managed via web consoles and APIs

    Password management including complexity, rotation policies and multi-factor authentication (MFA)

    Integration of AD, Azure AD/Office 365, G Suite and Workday with external identity sources for improved user lifecycle management

    Cloud LDAP - Auth apps & file servers with scalable, cloud-based LDAP servers

    Cloud directory auth and management for SSO, LDAP, RADIUS, Mac, Windows, Linux, and more

    Cloud RADIUS - Secure network access with scalable, cloud-based RADIUS servers

    SSO (SAML 2.0) - Control user access to apps through pre-built SAML 2.0 connectors

    Manage user access & apply GPO-like functions at scale for macOS®, Windows® and Linux® systems

    Premium Support / Management - Priority 24x7x365 support via phone, chat, or email including uptime SLAs

    Insights - Asset, security, and configuration reporting across your fleet of macOS®, Windows® and Linux® systems

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