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    Hybrid cloud solution: Unified enterprise cloud with security hyperconverged compute, virtualisation and storage at its core


    Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    Public cloud benefits you want. Private cloud control you need.

      Rapid, non-disruptive scaling

    Deploy workloads & perform upgrades in minutes or hours: run VMs, apps, databases, & services; store, govern, & deliver critical data easily

      Set-and-forget automation

    Machine learning-based automation optimises performance & resource consumption while detecting & eliminating anomalies

      Time-efficient and highly controllable

    Goodbye, week-long IT tickets. Empower your end users with rapid self-service tools while maintaining user access

      Top-notch security for your sensitive data

    Keep your business safe with encryption, microsegmentation, automated compliancy checks plus built-in backup & DR

      Freedom of vendor, freedom of hardware

    You’re in control of your hardware & virtualisation software, not your vendor: choose what you need, scale when & what you want

      Instant time to value and stellar cost savings

    Save 50% by running your workloads on private cloud & consolidate file, block, & object storage domains onto a single, easy platform.

    Driving productivity starts with optimising system efficiencies and automating processes

    We deliver our cloud optimisation solution in partnership with Morpheus.
    Optimising business performance for digital transformation starts with ensuring your cloud networks are running as efficiently as possible. 
    Our cloud optimisation and performance solution assesses everything currently deployed across your cloud environments and identifies any improvable areas, on an ongoing basis. 
    Visibility into workload utilisation, network paths and bandwidth ensures your operations run smoothly and cost-effectively.
    Policy-driven governance underpins compliance and helps manage licence updates, while shadow IT is identified and can be managed or eliminated before it poses a security risk. 
    In addition, storage is opimised and cloud sprawl and spend are contained. Your business runs more efficiently and your teams, freed from control processes that are now automated, are able to focus on driving opportunities and other valuable acitivities.


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    Positioned as a leader on Gartner's respected Magic Quadrant since 2018, Morpheus is an impressive cloud opimisation tool.
    Our configured and managed solution is designed to deliver measurable improvements to your cloud performance, lower operational costs and drive efficiencies across your business.
    Analytics: Brownfield discovery and rightsizing lowers cloud costs by up to 30%
    Compliance: Policy-driven processes reveal shadow IT, vulnerable user access points and flag licence renewals
    Automation: Apps are deployed up to 150x faster with provisioning via API and CI/CD to bare metal, VM or containers
    Productivity: App lifecycle is completed with scaling, logging, monitoring, backup and migration

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    ITHQ Cloud Optimisation Features

    Your fully configured and managed solution will include a combination of features, depending on where your business currently stands on its transformation journey and the results you want to see.

    Consultation, solution plan and reporting included as standard

    Application and database monitoring

    Storage resource and container optimisation

    Intracloud / intercloud network latency monitoring

    Intracloud / Intercloud network utilisation monitoring

    Instance/VM utilisation monitoring  

    Server refresh and transformation analysis

    Metadata/tagging design and implementation

    Department cost reporting and allocation

    Infrastructure reduction and modernisation through cloud instance rightsizing

    Rightsizing instances based on intra-day workload pattern

    Workload routing and reservation

    Cost reduction and compliance through public cloud billing visibility

    Software license optimisation

    File integrity monitoring

    Proactive optimisation and real time response for virtual infrastructure and bare metal cloud

    Digital transformation through efficient cloud migration planning and modelling 

    Workload automation & continuous optimisation

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    Cloud Optimisation & Performance Datasheet

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    Morpheus truly is a one-of-a-kind platform.

    G2 Crowd review: Enterprise Digital Director

    Your Business Transformation Journey

    Business transformation is a commitment to ongoing evolution, not a final destination.We formulate, implement, run and evolve every solution as businesses embark upon, accelerate towards or further develop transformation.

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