Secure your entire cloud infrastructure

    Protect all areas of your cloud computing infrastructures, including data, applications & user endpoints, plus scheduled checks to maintain your security

    Cloud security solution: Multi-layered security including NGEP, NGFW, IAM & IDR

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    Secure cloud computing

    Protect your business from cyber threats, ensure compliance & shield against shadow IT

    ITHQ cloud security partners maximise infrastructureperformance and minimise cyber risk

    Get advanced security features that enhance cloud performance

    Minimise your risk, underpin your compliance and receive complete visibility of your security data and assets.

      SaaS visibility & control

    Gain centralised, detailed visibility into all SaaS applications

      IaaS visibility & control

    Leverage public cloud management APIs to control activity and configurations

      Hybrid / multi cloud security

    Centrally enforce policies across multiple environments and secure traffic between them

      Secured productivity

    Combining mail protection, sandboxing and access controls to cloud services ensure your team can maintain maximum velocity

      Remote access

    Centralised control of identity & access management and secure VPNs ensure rapid, secure access

      Container security

    Container & orchestration-based blind spots are eliminated through all stages of container development, deployment and rollout

      Cloud security management & analytics

    Centralised management & visibility with faster incident response

      Cloud compliance

    Ensures compliance with PCIDSS, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR and more through automated compliance auditing

      Logical segmentation

    Dynamic provisioning allows you to secure resources based on intent, not static policies like IP addresses and ports

      Web application security

    Web apps & APIs are centrally protected with automated threat response

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