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    HubSpot Diamond marketing agency removes app access friction, solves international user access, secures systems, and boosts bottom line with JumpCloud and SentinelOne solution from ITHQ

    Let's talk about cyber security

    Struto has been helping businesses grow since 2011. Now one of the UK's longest standing HubSpot partners, Struto is on a strong growth trajectory with multiple awards to its name.

    Identity & Access Management plus Endpoint Protection solution highlights

      £1,000s saved in recovered time by eliminating password updates and time-consuming user access management
      SSO and MFA delivers significant improvement in UX, removing operational friction and boosting morale
      Centralised control of international user access delivers fast, secure on and off boarding with zero accounts left live
      Security everywhere: dedicated company credentials, hot desking, shared machines
      Phishing attacks deflected, all data security improved to further protect data in line with GDPR
      Malware stopped at the endpoint before it even gets started, and before attempted attacks are known by the team

    Craig Wiltshire is the founder and CEO of Struto.

    He talks us through his experience of working with ITHQ, his views on cyber security and the benefits he's seeing as a result of deploying JumpCloud and SentinelOne


    Scott's tech and cyber security credentials are flawless. I completely trust ITHQ to find a great solution that fits my business.

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    Next Generation Endpoint Protection - EDR

    Why ITHQ?

    Scott and I have worked together for many years, including on a network security business that we sold in 2007.
    Scott's tech and cyber security credentials are flawless and I completely trust ITHQ to find a great solution that fits my business. JumpCloud is perfect for us and has given us back £1,000s in terms of recovered productive time. SentinelOne is enterprise-level endpoint protection that he's managed to give to us at an SME price.

    What issues were you experiencing?

      App access process was hindering client-facing tasks and internal operations
      A security breach highlighted the need for an endpoint protection solution
      International offices required centralised user app provision for better security and smoother processes
      Password management and updates were costing the business £1,000s in lost productivity


    Poor password management, frustrating app access, manual app provision & limited cybersecurity

    Craig had identified several challenges to Struto's operational efficiency and cyber security when he contacted ITHQ for advice. Whilst security is vital, frustrating app access processes and time-consuming password updates were hindering both client-facing tasks and internal operations
    The challenge was finding a solution that would provide security to satisfy GDPR legislation regarding client data, deliver better protection for Struto's internal data and also remove password update and app access friction.
    Struto's password management protocol was strict but user experience was terrible. Password updates alone were costing the business twelve days per year in lost productivity, with frustrations impacting user impressions of the apps they had to use to do their jobs.

    Managing user access to critical apps was another challenge for Struto's Operations Director, Grant. With offices in the UK and South Africa, on and off boarding staff was an arduous task, along with managing user licences for the 40+ apps the business relies on every day.
    Further cyber challeges were identified when Craig suffered a breach on his computer. Despite being very security aware, Craig's breach - while minor and quickly caught - highlighted to him both the sophistication of current attacks, and how easy it is for anyone to click a nefarious link.
    Craig knew he needed an endpoint security platform and a password management solution. However, he had concerns over his choices in terms of affordable, accessible tech as an SME.


    JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service and SentinelOne Endpoint Detection & Response

    From a small business perspective, I think it's important to say that you've shown these things are accessible. They don't cost the earth, in terms of TCO or even deployment ... It's within reach of smaller business and it's a requirement for larger businesses as far as I'm concerned: it's not even a question.

    JumpCloud directory-as-a-service logo

    We needed a solution that had our backs for us so that we could just forget about the problem and know that it was being taken care of.

    JumpCloud: password management, Single Sign-on, MFA and centralised access management

    Password management replaces password updatesJumpCloud has replaced the built-in Microsoft Office365 password manager that Struto had been using.
    With true SSO and MFA, there is no longer any need for Struto teams to update passwords across their Office365 suite and further 40 apps they use to deliver their services: user access across every device stays secure with JumpCloud.
    The business has effectively reclaimed twelve productive days per year adding £1,000s back to the bottom line. User experience is dramatically improved, with positive knock-ons being felt in terms of productivity and morale.


    Centralised access management and app provisionCraig and his Operations Director no longer have to worry about remote staff accessing business apps or data using private logins rather than company credentials. Access management and app provision are managed centrally, with JumpCloud making access impossible via anything other than the portal.
    If there is change within the business, such as staff joining or leaving, disabling or enabling access happens in a couple of clicks. 
    All apps are now provisioned through the web portal with user defined access built in. Client-facing tasks are smooth and streamlined, while internal UX is vastly improved and all user access and management friction removed.
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    The user experience of Office365 was definitely of lower value prior to JumpCloud being deployed.

    JumpCloud directory-as-a-service logo

    We thought this was out of our reach and beyond our budget but the service ITHQ offers has made it accessible to us and given me the peace of mind that we're getting day-zero protection.

    SentinelOne: ActiveEDR

    Next generation endpoint protectionITHQ negotiated an MSP model of SentinelOne's enterprise solution, to allow Struto to benefit from this exceptional platform with SME pricing and payment arrangements. 
    Usually only available for a minimum of 100 endpoints and paid annually, ITHQ take on the risk on behalf of clients which allows smaller business to buy a minimum of 5 endpoints and pay monthly.
    In over seven years, SentinelOne has not let any malware through for its users. It also comes with a built-in ransomware warranty of up to $1million. SentinelOne scored record-breaking results in both SE Labs Breach Response Report and MITRE ATT&CK APT29 evaluation of EDR tools, 2020.
    More details here, plus watch SentinelOne defeat Maze ransomware in less than two minutes.

    [SentinelOne] is just an amazing thing to see. It sounds all flash but when you actually see it happening, it's pretty cool ... no-one has had anything installed on our system ... but I know stuff has been caught by SentinelOne.

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