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London, UK | 020 3997 7979

    SAFE: Cyber Resilience Strategy

    Anticipate, withstand, recover & evolve from advanced, persistent attacks

    Cyber resilience mapped to critical controls

    A cyber resilience strategy that works with benchmarked, recommended technologies.
    Get clarity of your resliency status and protect your business from advanced attacks, prepare for worst-case scenarios and plan for a more resilient future.
    Leverage existing tech or improve your defences with our recommended, proven solutions. 


    Why SAFE?


    Critical controls ensure your business is protected and ready when an attack occurs


    Your business is prepared and able to wighstand an advanced, sustained attack


    Cyber reslience ensure fast recovery with minimal damage, like BCP and DR


    We create our products using the latest technologies to ensure the best experience.

    How much do you plan to spend on security over the next three years?

    Would you test the security of your CEOs laptop by installing a ransomware variant, confident you'd recover?

    Do you regularly test your incident response plan and do you role-play breaches?

    If your answer is 'No' to these questions, you're not alone. Most of the businesses we talk to answer the same.

    Following our SAFE audit and associated fixes, they all confidently answer, YES.

      Know your three-year forecast security spend
      Confidently test your CEO's laptop by installing a ransomware variant, knowing you'll quickly recover

    Secure every element of your Cyber Resilience Engineering Lifecycle

    Transparent, typical pricing at every step. For a combined quote, get in touch today.

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