Track & protect all your IT assets, everywhere

    SOC 2 compliant IT documentation management; all your data assets audited & up to date

    Full visibility & automated monitoring of cloud, network & on-premise systems

    Get expert advice about automated documentation

    Automated IT Documentation

    Non-IT Executives

    Keep all your systems up-to-date & catch any security issues fast

    Record all user activity, easily fix security issues & fortify processes with automation

    IT Executives

    Get enterprise-grade security, SOC 2 compliance & license control

    Secure everything with an immutable audit trail & next generation password engine

    Tech Professionals

    Inspect all your systems, networks, & assets: pull back data in minutes 

    Automated subject matter expertise, full-loop ticketing, contextualised & actionable alerts

    This automation has impacted our entire team, from sales to tech to VCIOs. They don't have to ask us for system details ... everyone can access the data they need and get insight from Roar.

    LionGard Roar review: Everett Odom, Bellwether Technology

    IT Glue is, by far, the best documentation system we have ever used.

    TrustRadius review: Russ Taylor, Network Engineer, Bitboyz

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    Liongard Roar and IT Glue Combined

    All your documentation kept up to date always: find, track and know everything on your systems

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    Liongard Roar

      Auto polling of systems data
      Data snapshots
      Actionable alerts
      Reporting and metrics
      SOC 2 certified

    IT Glue

      Secure password management
      Version control with rollback
      Documentation collaboration
      Immutable audit trail with restore
      SOC 2 certified

    Respected for award-winning performance & innovation

    ITGlue has been winning user, industry and compliance accolades since 2015LionGard won $17 million funding in 2020 from a group of investorsBoth technologies are SOC 2 certified

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    Optimise business processes & improve cyber security

    Get deep visibility into efficiency of your systems with a complete timeline to catch and resolve issues before they become catastrophes

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    Poor visibility and management of IT assets wastes time and leaves your business vulnerable to security threats.

    Not knowing the current configuration state of your operational systems, devices and applications can create all sorts of lags in efficiency, frustrations for your teams and leave you vulnerable to security threats.
    Maintaining up-to-date configuration data helps optimise processes, and drives transparent, consistent performance throughout your organisation.
    However, managing all this manually is counter-productive and even IT gurus can make mistakes.
    The answer? Automated IT documentation that gives you:
    The ultimate safety net to prevent issues becoming catastrophes
    Daily snapshots of your systems for precise operational visibility
    Detailed user activity records and fortified processes

    Find, track & know everything on your systems

    Manage change and privileged credential sprawl, and eliminate errors infiltrating your workflow

    It can be difficult for IT teams to identify whether changes are made by team members, your MSP or an intruder.

    For compliance and regulation purposes, not knowing is of little consolation in the event of a security breach - particularly when most breaches can be traced back to simple misconfigurations.
    If documentation is incorrect or outdated, it leads to frequent escalations and multiple instances of the truth. Also, users with default or weak passwords or lack of MFA, plus unchecked policies and rules leave your organisation exposed.
    The answer? Automated IT Documentation that gives you:
    Single pane of glass view into all changes as they are recorded, whether managed across the cloud, network or on-premise
    All changes identified in context eliminating time wasted digging for root cause
    Instant notification of tasks to correct issues before they escalate

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    ITHQ Automated IT Documentation Solution Features

    Inspect systems across your stack and pull back meaningful data in minutes

    Our combined solution uses advanced tools from ITGlue and LionGard to automate documentation, provide system audits, actionable alerts, rich reporting, analytics and more, to troubleshoot and resolve system configuration issues and ensure best security practices

      Secure password management

    Secure your world with an immutable audit trail and next-generation password management engine, fully integrated and linked with all of your documentation


    Generate professionally formatted documentation packages, in PDF format

      Version control with rollback

    Easily spot when changes were made, pick the desired version, and revert back in a few clicks. When things go missing, restore them just as easily from the immutable audit trail in the activity logs

      One-time password generator

    The One-Time Password (OTP) Generator allows you to create and store one-time passwords for MFA directly in IT Glue

      Reporting & metrics

    Leverage the rich data flow generated from automated documentation, to access the detailed and up-to-date information you need on demand. Pinpoint precise data you need, to answer questions like, "Are all of our firewalls up-to-date?"


    Granular control enables you to create tickets for select expirations, password creation or document webhooks for example

      Access control

    Develop a customised, secure information resource access hierarchy based on roles, users and groups

      Immutable audit trail & restore

    Understand exactly what is accessed, created, updated & deleted within your documentation. If mistakes happen, quickly track down the cause to restore deleted items or revert to an earlier version


    Create lists of actions items (tasks), and assign them to specific team members. Manage your team’s workflows, and monitor the status of critical tasks

      Documentation collaboration

    Select which documents to share or not to share with full control over who sees what. Easily and securely share documentation with business partners, clients or 3rd parties for worry-free collaboration

      Auto polling of systems data

    Automation continuously updates your team with details, accurate inventory and configuration data, making manual documentation a thing of the past


    Engineers can rewind to precise moments to see exactly what changes were made and when

      Actionable alerts

    Stay on top of critical issues and changes before they cause chaos. With a full-loop ticketing integration, your team can be notified of upcoming system expirations, security risks, critical changes and more

      Structured documentation

    A documentation framework that is utilised by all teams, providing you with the most trusted and optimal way of organising your information

      Relationship mapping

    Zero degrees of separation allows you to link related items together, so that all the information you need is accessible at once for a complete picture every time

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